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The Case Against Summer Vacation Report “As our modern-day reformers strive to civilize summer as an educational resource, the trick is to seize the opportunity without destroying what’s best about the season: the possibility of fun and freedom and play. ” In the article, The Case Against Summer Vacation, author David von Drehle explains how summer vacation is too costly- financially and educationally. But summer really is a time for fun, freedom, and play.

Schools in the United States should continue to have a summer break ecause more days does not mean more learning, it helps businesses and charities, and students need their freedom from school. Though the U. S. is ranked 17th out of 50 countries in education, summer vacation is not issue. In South Korea(the number one ranked country in education), the students go to school almost half the amount of time the children in the United States do, but South Korea’s test scores are nearly 20% better than they are in the U. S.

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It is arguable to say being out of school for a long period of time will result in a oss of knowledge, but it is statistically proven that more days in class does not necessarily mean more knowledge. All over America, organizations are working together to prevent “the summer slide”, which refers to the knowledge lost during summer vacation. A recent study shows students lose up to a month’s worth of knowledge Just from being out of school for the summer season, therefore, organizations from all over are putting a stop to it.

From enrichment programs in Kentucky, to firefighters in Indianapolis, programs all over are coming up with programs that teach student’s skills needed in he classroom and out of the classroom, in their everyday life. A concern with summer vacation is that lower-income families cannot afford to do leisure activities with their children or send them away to summer programs such as camps and clubs but many charities and organizations are working on getting that problem solved.

A non-profit organization in Baltimore called the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) plans on expanding and improving summer enrichment for low-income students and is grabbing the attention of large, private donors like he Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Atlantic Philanthropies. Other parts of the United States are also taking action. In Indianapolis alone, 11 different organizations have come up with $3 million to put towards 200 different summer enrichment programs.

A recent study, sponsored by the Wallace Foundation shows a majority of parents say they would put their children in more summer programs if the programs were available. The summer season is what students most look forward to, mainly because school is not in session. If you want to drive the dropout rate even higher, Just extend the school year by another 30 days” Earl Phalen. Phalen’s reasoning is true.

In Kansas City, Kansas, there was an experiment that paid students to study different subjects, such as math or music, during the summer. When they students being paid reflected on the study they said if it wasn’t for the money, they would much rather be at the program are working on teaching kids in creative and new ways during the summertime. “-that doesn’t mean you make it another classroom,” says Lilly Willis Bright, “you can teach physics with a basketball. For many students, summer is fun and free. While more privileged students travel and visit museums, libraries, and summer camps, many lower class students are stuck at home and fall behind in their education during the three month break. Because of this, educational reformers, with the contribution of donors and philanthropies, have begun to establish affordable summer enrichment programs where the less fortunate students can improve their academic skills and knowledge while also having fun.

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