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The Confederate Army Of The South Eric Vlasin Mrs. Person American Literature November 19, 2013 The Civil War, the war that rocked the United States in the late 1800’s, a war of a divided country, The war of the north and the south. The South wanting to secede from the nation, is what flared the war into action, and the South would soon be in danger. The South in the civil war, what did they plan, what did they have, and who were the leaders? The average soldier, and unshaven scrawny teen to mid aged male, that Just wanted adventure.

The soldier would usually be white and between the ges of 18 and 35 (Confederate Soldier). These boys would Just hear about the war, and would go and enlist in the army not knowing what would truly happen. Away from home, and most of the men fighting to make money to support families at home would have nothing to loose (Daily Life). The daily life of the southern soldier, never would a soldier expect this to be how he would live for years of war. In the start of the war the daily life of a southern soldier was not bad, they had good supplies and medical attention.

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Letters were a huge part of the soldier’s daily life; it would be all they had to keep their hopes up. The soldier would send letters home while they would wait in camp, sometimes sending the pay they would get (Confederate Soldier). But as the war would go on, the daily life would start to dwindle. The supplies started to go down and the soldier’s life would become worse and worse (Daily Life). Though there are many thoughts of why the war was started, but what was the South’s reason for starting the war against the North? There were two main reasons that the south seceded, and ultimately started the war.

The first reason is that the North was that needed slavery to work with their farms and plantations (Confederate Army In The Civil War) The other main reason for the start of the war was the fact that the North would deny the plea from the south to not put Abraham Lincoln in the presidents office. Even with this plea, Abraham would be put in office, and this would cause the southern states to start to secede. After all of the states have seceded and war was a threat to the south, they would start to build an army to match the forces of the North.

Who would be in command of all of this? Jefferson Davis would be elected as the president of the South after all the states had seceded from the north. Put at the head of the army of the South by the president would be Robert E. Lee, a general from Virginia and one of the most historic general (Confederate Army). Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was chosen by Lee to be the lead general of the army and would be one of the South’s greatest general, answering only to Lee, and the President (Stonewall Jackson). The numbers of the South would play a huge role in the war with the north.

Before the start of the war Jefferson would draft 82,000 fully trained men into his main army. When the war started and his men started dwindling, and a year went on he would draft 400,000 more men to be trained. All of these men would still be white and between the ages of 18 and 35 (Confederate Army). With all the men drafted, there would eventually be three main armies. One would be the trained men that were drafted by Jefferson, and the other two would be voluntary militia forces. With these armies and all of the doctors and nurses, a total of 1. million people would participate against the North (Confederate Army, Spartacus Educational). Going into to the war, the South would have several large disadvantages to the North that they would have to find a way around in order to have a chance to win the war. One of the main disadvantages was the fact that they did not have all the factories to make their weapons and supplies. Though they would have the farms to produce food for their men, they did not have enough railroads to transfer all the food to their men. Another huge factor and disadvantage to the North was that the South lacked the numbers to the North.

The North would have almost and unlimited number of men they could draft into the army, as the South only had what they drafted at the start of the war, and what little volunteers they could get. So when the army was gone, so were their chances of winning the ar. With all of the disadvantages to the North, the South did have some factors playing in their favor. One of the huge factors was the fact that they had the superior leadership compared to the north. With these leaders, the South would have a chance to win the war, but most of these leaders would die in battle.

Another factor that was in their favor was that the South had far more farms than that of the North. The South was one of the agricultural leaders of the world, and the North was mainly built on factories, so they would have to look elsewhere for food. One of the last dvantages to the North was the moral factor. The South had something to fght for, so their moral would be strong and a lot of the men would not back down in battle. The North was forced to go into battle and really had nothing to fght for; therefor the North’s men would most likely flee the battlefield if things started to go wrong. Stonewall” Jackson, considered one of the greatest generals to come from the South. When the states would start to secede from the North, he would hope his home state south in the war. When the war started he was recruited into the VMI and was put in command of a ragtag force. After training and battle hardening his men, Stonewall would eventually gain his nickname, “Stonewall”, in the first battle of Bull Run when he held a huge force from the north with his small unit of men. Stonewall would eventually start a period of poor leadership starting at June 1862 to July 1862.

He would begin to lead his men into battles he could not win. He started loosing creditability with his men. On May 2nd 1963 he would be accidentally shot by one of his own men in the South Carolina infantry regiment. He would be transferred through several hospitals, but would eventually end up in Guinea Station and would utter his last words, “let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of trees” (Stonewall Jackson). General Robert E. Lee was the most ironic and most respected General of the South. At the start when the South started to secede from the North, he was asked to Join the North as a brigadier general.

He would refuse that offer, and would try to stay out of the war. He was strongly against the idea of secession, but when his home state of Virginia seceded from the Union, he was put in a tough spot. He would have to make the decision of whether or not to Join the South or the North. When the South would offer him the Job of General of the Army of Virginia, he would accept the Job and Join the South in the war. Throughout the war Lee, would show great leadership, but would lead his men into many battles that he should not have.

Though it was shown that he was not have the greatest strategies, he did have strong leadership over his men and was well respected by them. He would make one of the worst mistakes in one of his battles that would lead to the destruction of one of his forces and the moral of his me. He made the mistake of devising a plan to complicated for the volunteers to understand and led them into attle. When the time came for the plan to unfold, none of the men knew what to do, and the plan would fail. Lee would loose that battle and his forces would fall.

After taking control of what was left of the Confederate army, he would lead them into several more battles. Though it would be to late for him to attempt to turn the war around. After he would take the men and fall back to home ground he would try to make a final stand on home turf. When his final defenses were broke he would be forced to surrender to Grant. With the men ready, and the generals’ chosen, what would be the plan that the south would take into war? At the start of the war, the leaders thought that they would Just sit at home and fight a defensive war.

They would dig in on their borders and wait out the North. Though this would change when Lee would take command of the armies. He would take the war to the north and lead the armies across enemy lines (Confederate Army In The Civil War). The moral of the forces would be one of the most important factors for the South in the war. In the start of the war the southern men had great moral and would not easily back down from a fght with the north. Later in the war the South would start to loose more and more battle, and the moral would plummet.

Men would start to desert the army and retreat would be more likely (Daily Life). Though the South would have supple farms, supplies would still play a big role for them. Soldiers would be well fed from all of the farms and the railways would help them supply the forces. But later in the war they would loose the ability to get the food to their men and the men would was a dirty grey color, and was very ragtag. Eventually later in the war the clothing of the soldiers could not be produced anymore. So when a soldier would die, the uniform would Just be passed on to the next soldier in line (Confederate Soldier).

The eapons of the South would come in short supply at the start of the war, so they would be at a loss to the north. The war would go on, and weapons would be more and more rare, so they would go and pick up the weapons off dead Union soldiers, and their fallen soldiers (Confederate Soldier). The civil war would be devastating for the South, so many would die of all causes. Whether it was due to, the terrible surgical methods back in those days, or Just plain illness, an estimated 200,000 soldiers would die from disease. To this day there is still an unknown amount of the soldiers that were killed in the North’s prison camps.

On the battlefield is where most of the fghting occurred, but the least amount of death happened. Though out the entire war an estimated 95,000 confederate soldiers would die on the battlefield (Confederate Army In The Civil War). In the end, the South Just could not stand against the north. They had their advantages, but they also had their disadvantages. From the soldiers, to the supplies they carried, the South was Just outmatched against the north. Work Cited Confederate Army, Historynet. com, Weider History Group, March 28th, 2013, www. historynet. com/confederate-army Confederate Army in Civil War, 37th Texas. g, Copyright 1999-2011, April 1st, 2013, www. 37thtexas. org/html/pdart. html Confederate Army, Spartacus Educational, www. spartacus. schoolnet. co. uk/usacwarmy. htm Confederate Soldier, Civil War Soldier, CivilWarSoldier. com, April 1, 2013, www. CivilWarSoldier. com/cws_confederatesoldiers. htm Daily Life – Confederate Army, Americas Civil War, April 5th, 2013, fredricksburg. com/civilwar/education/ definitions/dailylife/confederate_army# Stonewall Jackson, Bio. True Story, ATE Television Networks, LLC, April 9, 2013, www. biography. com/people/stonwall- Jackson-9331451 ? page=l

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