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The process improvements below will increase customer satisfaction,
reduce the number of complaints, and improve the working environment of
pharmacy staff.

Unmanned drop off window: Several issues that arise
during the data entry process can be prevented by performing high level checks
at the drop off window.

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Create an integrated system for inventory
management, fulfilment and data entry. This system will be used at drop-off and
pick-up by technicians to verify and/or update customer information.

Periodically, customers will be asked to
verify their best contact information at drop-off in case important insurance coverage
questions arise during the fulfilment process. By contacting customers as soon
as issues are detected prevent unwelcome surprises and multiple trips to the pharmacy.

Verify refill availabilities at drop-off. The technicians
should examine the prescription documentation and compare to the information in
the system to confirm the number of remaining refills before they accept the
customer’s prescription.

High level insurance check can be performed at
drop-off since the majority of the 17% of problems related to insurance are due
to date of birth and change in insurer.


Inventory: Insufficient inventory is a concern
during the production phase as 7% of scripts encounter either partial or
complete shortage of the required medicine.

Solution: Develop the
integrated system management mentioned above and CVS will be better equipped to
handle out of stock issues.

Pick up: a variety of issues were documented
at the pick-up window including scripts not paid by the insurance, customers
leaving without their medicine because they aren’t ready etc. These issues
increase wait time and leave a bad impression of customer service at CVS.  


Schedule additional staff during peak period like at drop-off and
pick-up time (e.g. weekdays from 5pm to 7pm)


these changes will not completely eliminate customer complaints, they are
certainly a good starting point to remove the most reoccurring issues 

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