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The Han dynasty was a very cognitive dynasty that had many inventions
and accomplishments that helped to ameliorate everyday living. It lasted from
206 BC across 220 AD, it was located in China and succeeded china’s previous rulers,
the Qin dynasty, it is considered the Chinese classical age , Chinese people
today still mentioned themselves as the children of the Han . Han height had a
larger population 57 million according to the census of 2 CE, it was equivalent
to Rome in power and prestige.

  The Han military was
very dynamic with massive robustness. Liu Bang conquered the forces of Qin
dynasty in 207 BC . Record of military strategies were covered in the tombs of
the emperors who made them while the hans conquered western Korea and northern
Vietnam , consequently tripling the empire they had assumed

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The Han dynasty affected many of their neighboring countries
such as Korea , Vietnam . These countries and all of central Asia adjusted many
of their traditions , as their methods of writing .

The Silk Road was a series roads of interconnected trade
paths that enabled distance trade . it extended from Asia to the Pacific Ocean
, prolonging over 5000 miles on land and sea . This trade path was a great and
important aspect in the economic development of Hans . Traders travelled across
the Silk Road on camels to trade their merchandise like silk , ivory , gems and
spices were exported in exchange for western goods such as linen, wool , glass
. metal ware , wine and grapes .

Their technological inventions helped advance their culture .
the hans so many inventions that they surpassed that of Rome . Paper , block
printing , the compass , the seismograph, the horse collar , and the
wheelbarrow were just a few of their inventions . Cartography , medicine ,
mathematics and astronomy were just some of the intellectual achievements the
hans excelled in . Also one of the greated achievements the hans had was
writing down their history 

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