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The oil industry is important to Canada’s economy. Canada was ranked second in the world for oil extraction after Saudi Arabia in 2004 but now third in the world by the International Energy Agency. Canada’s oils industry has been strong since the start but would you believe it’s only expected to grow in predictions made by professionals? New invitations in oil extraction methods are being tested with the funding and support of many countries such as the United States who heavily rely on Canadian oil exports. The first oil well in Canada ever was dug by hand in 1858 by James Mille in Oil Springs, Ontario. Canada’s unique geography has been a key factor in the development of the oil industry since many of the Arctic and offshore reserves are in early stages of exploration. Canada has become an energy giant in respect to Canada’s oil industry’s vital part of the Global economy and it being an essential world supplier.The oil industry is great for Canada because it’s one of the largest employers providing wages to over 400,000 people nation wide. Canada’s oil industry has also become a focus point for investors world wide because only 20% percent of the world oil sands industry is open for investment and half of that exists only in Canada. Therefor there is much funding for new technologies and to take further steps towards keeping the oil industry as strong as possible for as long as possible.            New cleaner methods of extraction need to be tested and developed because one such method that is widely used is Hydraulic Fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing also knows as “Fracking” is disliked and not a sustainable approach to extracting oil. The way Fracking works is by directing down pressurized liquid into tight pockets of petroleum where the rock is not lose enough to allow the substance to achieve an etiquette amount of flow. The pressurized liquid consists of primarily water, sand, and other not public ingredients to thicken the fluid which fractures the targeted area of rock. A second hole is then dug for the disposal o wastewater which brings forth other potential treats to the environment and makes Fracking less sustainable. Hydraulic Fracturing was first experimented with in 1947 and following to its success it was first commercially used in 1950. Now we see Fracking as  generally necessary to achieve proper flow in tight oil so ever since 2.5 million operations have been done and is today’s most common way of oil extraction in Canada. Hydraulic fracturing is viewed differently in some countries who debate its benefits vs side effects. There is much room for improvement in making the oil extracting operations more efficient, safe for the people, and to reduce the threats of it.

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