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The Fog Of War The Fog of War is a movie seeing through the eyes of Robert McNamara. Reflecting o n the lessons he learned during war, serving as U. S secretary of Defense. Also giving an ins ide look at the Vietnam War and it’s tragedy. Lesson one, Empathize with your enemy. Looking at the war through the eyes of th e enemy, gives you a better look and a clearer view. In this segment McNamara explains how cl ose we came to nuclear war. Kennedy got two messages. The first message, U. S. S.

R will remo e the missiles from Cuba if U. S promises not to invade. Message two said, U. S. S. R will respo nd with massive force. Kennedys choice will change the lives of many. Lesson two, Rationality will not save us. Rational Decisions are dangerous. Man ma de decisions Just create catastrophe. Lesson five, Proportionality should be a guideline in war. This segment explains the brutality done in the war. 67 Japanese cities were demolished. 50 90% of all the cities that were bombed were destroyed.

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This war is the most brutal war in history. Killing many civilians was the wrong answer, it was very immoral. This was not proportional. This i s the act of war criminals. Bomb’s were dropped on Lemay’s command, if we didn’t win the war, it would almost be looked at as a terrorist attack, and be taken as war criminals. Lesson seven, Belief and seeing are often both wrong. You may believe you know something or see the whole picture, but in war that is where you’re wrong. McNamar explains that the war is too complex.

In this segment it is revealed that there were ta pes talking about the Gulf of Tonkin, and the second attack never happened, which was a surprise to many. Lesson Eight, Be prepared to re examine your reasoning. The U. S has a very powerful army. Just because we have a very powerful army doesn’t mean we should attack countries with full force knowing they are weaker than us. It is not okay to take advantage. It is evil. Lesson 9, In order to do good you may have to engage in evil. That is the way men in volved

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