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            This article describes how
modern software can be used as business tools. The use of  smartphones and tablets allows the
access to applications such as web browsing,  telephone, camera, music, video playing,
emailing, and messaging. These applications enable people to share
documents, manage inventory, monitor production, manage online sales, and
much more. For example, the engineering company, SKF, has a mobile app
that enables the engineers and customers to access their product
catalogue. (Laudon, 2017, p. 9). As a result, they support the business
functions of productivity, purchasing, and even customer service. The use
of these applications improves operational efficiency and decision making
with the speed of doing business tasks such as communicating from employee
to customer and also provides a more accurate decision making process due
to the data and analysis the application gathers. (Laudon, 2017, p. 10).


large businesses mentioned in this case study include Sonic Automotive and
SKF. The automotive retailer, Sonic Automotive, does most of their
business on apple devices through the use of apps to improve the
accessibility of vehicle information through the speed and simplicity
of  sales and service including
inventory search, trade-in appraisals and 
vehicle values and pricings. For example, instead of customers
going to the dealership and having a staff member write the repair order
by hand, a staff member can go straight to the customer’s vehicles and
input the order on their device using an app called Sonic Inventory
Management System (SIMS), which is more simple and efficient. (Laudon,
2017, p. 9). The global engineering company, SKF, also uses similar
applications to help do their own business tasks by monitoring factory
production lines. With the use of those apps, the company is able to
provide access for the engineers and customers to product information,
communicate through instant messaging, instantly collect and analyze data
and more. Overall, the use of applications solve the issue with time
efficiency and the accessibility to information. (Laudon, 2017, p. 10).


kinds of businesses are able to benefit from using digital devices. The
use of such devices give companies the opportunity to have better
relationships with customers and suppliers through being more efficient in
access to information, time management, communication between employees
and customers and collect data. The case study described both examples of
automotive and engineering companies. Other businesses that could benefit
from the use of smart devices include health companies and organizations
like hospitals, and sales and marketing businesses who need up-to-date
forecasts and information, ability to store, access data, and communicate
information in a fast manner.
iPhone is an industry changer because it has created a competitive
advantage for people who use mobile devices often for technology gain,
compared to those who do not use technology to stay in touch with
customers and suppliers. The iPhone has replaced the need for many things
that people would use on everyday basis such as the calculator,
flashlight, notepad, map, and etc. The iPhone also opens more
opportunities for communication between people, companies, employees and
suppliers. For instance, Apple has an application store which include many
third party apps to use for easy instant communication between parties.

Companies can also develop their own application to use for communicating
with their customers and have it available on the app store for easy
access. The iPhone has created many opportunities to making a business
more efficient for both customers and suppliers through better


































Laudon, J., Laudon, K. (2017). Management Information Systems: Managing The Digital Firm

(15th ed.). New York City, New York: Pearson Education.

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