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The Great Gatsby BY Blondi807 Marissa Mr. Fozouni English 01 5 11/21/13 1. Is Gatsby an admirable character? Quote: “There’s the kind of man you’d like to take home and introduce to your mother and sister. ” Yes in my opinion I do believe that Gatsby is an admirable character. Reason why is because he has changed his life from being dirt poor to filthy rich; all just to make his life better and to get the girl of his dreams, Daisy. He is very dedicated to what he wants in life and won’t take no for an answer.

Gatsby well work as much as he needs and give his all Just to get the girl he once lost. Not only that he risked his life and helped a man who was in need; and close to dying in his younger years. Gatsby is also quite a gentleman, he can make any person feel special and cared for Just as anyone would want to feel; he has a certain charm to himself. He is a hopeful man always looking into the past and hoping it well come back; his hopes in life well never die out. So to me all these traits Gatsby has are quite admirable and something I can honestly say I like about him.

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This man is someone like the quote says I can bring home and introduce to my family and be proud of. Gatsby may have ome bad qualities but in all honesty who in this world doesn’t have some. But the thing about Gatsby is all his good qualities out way the bad ones which is better than anything. Marissa Cobian 2. Do you agree with Gatsby that the past can be repeated? No I do not agree with Gatsby that the past can be repeated. As badly as he may want to repeat the past he had once with Daisy it well never be possible.

Time passes and with time comes change, change that makes people you once knew into different people, into strangers. He is in love with the old Daisy he once knew not with the new Daisy that has changed through time. Daisy may never go back to how she used to be when they first meet and that is what makes it impossible to repeat the past. He cannot Just change a person once theyVe grown or changed through time as much as he may want to. For example one thing I know for a fact that I cannot ever repeat from my past is my high school years.

I was a horrible teenager back then never going to class always ditching; and always failing my classes. Not only school wise but family wise as well I was very disobedient and always causing trouble for my parents. Never caring what I made them go through wither it bad or horrible situations. Like me never coming home on time or me being out late without calling them to tell them I’m 0k. Or I Just not coming home all day without their permission; and making them worry so much for me. Not Just that, I’d always talk back and yell to them about any disagreement wed have and I’d disrespect them horribly.

Now that I am older I wish I could go back in the past and repeat it all; but the right way the good way any good teenager would act. I’d do my homework and get good grades and always listen to my enough the past cannot be repeated as much as Gatsby and I wish it could be. Marissa Cobian 3. Do you agree with Wolfsheim’s attitude about the deceased? Quote: “Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not when he is dead. ” Yes I do deeply agree with Wolfsheim in how we should show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not when he is dead.

How are we supposed to show someone we knew friendship when they are dead? It is not friendship one shows to the dead it is mourning and sorrow’s which one feels and ends up showing instead. If you truly care about someone’s friendship you’d do what you can to spend time with them; when they are alive not when they are dead. Showing friendship to someone hen they are dead is pretty much a necessity so you will not be disrespectful to their relatives; and for the guilt they may feel for the things they have not done for them while they were alive.

For example when my uncle died I was mortified so sad and depressed because I loved him so very much. But I spent all the time I could with him when he was alive and well. Not once was I ever leaving him out of my life. And sadly when he passed away I was devastated of course and showed my love and affection one last time to him. But the fact that I kept my friendship with him good and well while he was alive made our relationship even greater. Of course I showed my respects to him once he passed but there was nothing more I could do, he was gone forever from my life.

Now if it took for my uncle to die for me to show my love and friendship for once, then to me that is disrespectful. How rude is it that it took someone to realize they care for someone once there dead and gone for good? I Just would never do that at all, that is why I agree so strongly with Wolfsheim. 4. Choose a quote you liked from the novel and explain why you liked it. Quote: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone Just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had he advantages that youVe had. ” This is my very favorite quote from The Great Gatsby.

Yes it is the very first quote in the book and many people may also choose this quote as I have. But to me it has deep meaning; I truly can understand and relate to this quote. It has such deep meaning to me because when I was younger I would always Judge and criticize people. And I would never feel bad about it or even care about their stories behind their lives or there reasons for how they are. Until one day I meet a boy who changed my view in life and opinions on people. He was always partying and drinking with riends and never home.

I Judged him as a party animal a loser who only cared about partying and not his life. But he wanted to know me and I gave him a chance. He then told me his life story and how hard it was for him. His father had cheated on his mother and beaten her since he was little until his mother left him once and for all and came to America from Mexico. They then found out he had 6 other brother and sisters that his father had with different women while he was with his mother. His family was poor had nowhere to live for years and he had to work several Jobs since he was twelve to help his family.

After a couple more hard bearing years things got better for him and he was going to school once and for all. So hed party and drink and have fun with his friends to celebrate the fact that he was happy in life once and of view completely in life and about people. He didn’t have the advantages I had as I grew up. I had a home, I didn’t have to work, I had money, and I had two loving parents who loved each other. I’d go on vacations yearly and get gifts and new clothes. So this quote pretty much means a lot to me because now I know not to criticize or Judge before I get to know someone.

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