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       The federal
government through EPA(administer) enforces federal laws that protects vital
natural resources such as air, water, and land. This powerful agency enacts
laws that control air and water pollutants, EPA supervises the programs that
promote energy efficiency and conservation, and effectively involved in the
cleanup of environmental polluted areas.

     The US congress
empowered and granted EPA the legal authority of establishing and administering
federal laws that protect natural resources for protecting the public health
and ensuring a safe clean environment and natural resources, controlling air
and water pollution and regulating solid waste disposal. Also EPA is a vibrant
scientific research body that have successfully provides environmental
education and safety awareness to the public and private sectors through their
best scientific team and technology.

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In a quest for a clean and safe environment, and to efficiently
reduce environmental risk and hazards, EPA have successfully set a national and
global Eunice safe environmental standards that most states and local
governments emulate in enforcing their own environmental regulations. States,
nonprofit organizations, and research institutions receives financial
assistance like grants from EPA to carry out environmental and human public
health research which often related to the cleanup of toxic waste sites.

According to my finds and research, the history of EPA shows
the rapid growth of industrialization in the united states in the mid 90’s led
to a porous air and water pollution and environmental deterioration which
generate the high concerns that cause an urgent demand for the federal
government to make and enforce laws to protect the public health and clean up
the already deteriorated environment. In 1969 the administration of president
Richard Nixon inaugurate a committee that charged with the responsibility of
working with the existing environmental laws and enforcement agencies in the
United states which was abducted by the congress as the national environmental
policy act of 1969, and later signed into law January 1, 1970, which
metamorphose to the EPA. As a result of public pressure to clean up the environment,
EPA was created with sole purpose of enforcing the adopted and amended
environmental federal laws during the 1970’s and 1980’s which include the
federal laws insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide act of 1947, 1970 clean
air act amendments, Ban of the toxic pesticide dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro
ethane (DDT).

The dumping of toxic materials was illegal to the extent of
been uncontrollable and grow a major concern that the federal government
realized the urgent need to step in and prevent the contamination of the
environmental hazards and to clean up the old abandoned toxic waste sites, for
this very reason the congress in 1976 passed the Resource Conservation and
Recovery Act (RCRA) to stop future dumping of toxic and hazardous substances
and granted the environmental protection (EPA) the legal authority to manage
the disposal of waste. Also EPA are responsible for regulating the generation,
transportation, treatment, storage, and disposal of toxic and hazardous substances
with a tremendous progress in the cleaning of toxic and hazardous substances. The
congress later passes many more amendments to RCRA that gave the EPA the power
to set standards for nonhazardous solid waste disposal and for installation and
maintenance of underground storage tanks containing hazardous substances such
as petroleum products. Congress enacted the comprehensive environmental
response, compensation, and liability act in 1980, due to the serious nature of
public health exposure to toxic waste sites throughout the united states. This act
is known as Superfund.

Since its establishment the EPA has demanded compliance with
federal environmental laws from private business owners, states, and individual
cities as well EPA has been able to meet its enforcement challenges by adopting
and imposing strict regulations and seeking assistance from courts to obtain
compliance. Human caused the cleanup of environmental disasters and hazardous
wastes has been the focal point of the EPA plans, management, and role, and
they have been absolutely effective in places like Niagara fall in New York,
the three-mile Island nuclear plant core meltdown in Pennsylvania, the Exxon
valdez oil spill in Alaska, and the 2010 BP Deepwater horizon oil spill in the
Gulf of Mexico. It has also assisted in dealing with environmental issues
arising from natural disaster like Hurricane.

EPA works in several other areas to protect and encourage
environmental protections as parts of its enforcement and cleanup functions. Also,
EPA has strategies initiatives concerned with the reduction of greenhouse gases
and the adoption of air quality rules. EPA has also conducted risk and
peer-review assessments to ensure the safety of high concern chemicals found in
products and in the environment developed new strategies to protect the quality
of public drinking water supplies, and supported the revitalization and reuse of
abandoned and contaminated inner city brownfields. EPA executes its
responsibilities of protecting the environment, natural resources and public
health while attempting to avoid negative impacts on economic growth,
industrial development, energy production, agriculture, transportation and international

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