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The world we live in is overruled by greed, strength and power. The first Sikh Anglo War wasfought in 1845 and ended in 1846. Many people believe that the gruesome war could have been avoided however after what the british had done it was hard to avoid. The war could have beenavoided but the British decided to attack Sindh and take control over it (Sindh was northern ofthe Sutlej River). The British were also scared of the growing power of the Sikhs and MaharajaDuleep Singh. The Sikh people have a different perspective in this situation because Sindh wastheir territory and they did what any other Kingdom would do to protect their territory.   In the year of 1843, the British had took control over Sindh which was apart of the Sikh territory. The Sikhs did not like this move because it had gone against the Treaty Of Amritsar which gave the British some territory that was on the south of the Sutlej River and gave territory to the Sikhs that was north of the Sutlej River. The British had a desire to slowly take over because they had a strong desire to expand throughout all of Punjab. That desire the British had caused the Sikhs to fight back. There were many battles fought and a lot of blood shed. No one gained anything from fighting, every single battle was unnecessary such as the Battle of Mudhki, Battle of Ferozeshah, Battle of Aliwal and the Battle of Sobroan.    Although the British ruled almost half of India they still wanted more and more land and power. One of the biggest reasons for why the British couldn’t have avoided this war they were scared of the growing might of the Sikh Kingdom. Another reason why they took over Sindh was because they knew that if they never took action first Punjab would have slowly made their way to the British side and taken it all over. Although Ranjit Singh was gone there was still another Maharaja, along with a Maharani. Since they were scared of the growing power they replaced Maharani Jind Kaur with a British resident and a council of regency. She was imprisoned and she was not allowed to meet her son for 13 and a half years.  The Sikh people visioned things very differently when the British took control over Sindh. Since Sindh was attacked, the Treaty of Amritsar was officially broken. With this Treaty being broken there was no longer a boundary that separated the two opposing forces. Sindh was already attacked and there was no guarantee that the other territories were safe. To ensure protection to the Sikhs and the territories, they decided to go ahead and attack the East India Company that was marching towards Ferozepur. With everything done and set the Sikhs and British had begun the war and there was no stopping the Sikhs trying to take back what was theirs.  In conclusion this war could have easily been avoided. The British let their greed get the best of them. They were scared of the power of the growing Sikh empire. Along with this, many other perspectives were included when making the decision of avoiding the war such as the Sikh perspective where the Sikhs believed the British broke the treaty and had to fight them back. Therefore the first Anglo Sikh war could have been avoided.

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