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The King’s Speech


   The King’s Speech movie was directed Tom
Hooper and written by David Seidler.This British historical drama film which
was released to the nationwide on 7 January 2011 and worldwide release on
February 2011.This movie depicts about King George VI who has been suffering
from stammering difficulty since young.After King George V’s death,King Edward
VIII who was the elder brother of King George VI was crowned as the next King
who will rule the reign.Since King Edward VIII was in love with two times
divorced American woman,Wallis Simpson,hence the ruling responsibilities given
to his younger brother,King George VI instead.Therefore,King George had to
prepare himself by attending speech theraphy conducted by Australian born
speech therapist,Lionel Logue.At a critical point,he has to declare a war
between British and Nazi Germany on 1939 on live radio.Will he able to do so ?
Will he able to create a everlasting trust in his people?

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   The main characters in this movie are King
George VI played by Collin Firth,Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue,the speech
therapist.Other than that,Gay Pearce as Edward VIII and Helena Bonham Carter as
the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

   The movie’s setting was based on the world
of British Royals.Majority of the scenes in the movie displayed were in the
Grand Royal Residence and consulting room of speech therapist in  at 146 Harley
Street.This movie has been
showing the era of 1930’s time zone.The costumes of the characters were very
exquisite and royal based.

   The central conflict of the movie,The King’s
speech was mainly about his stammering problem.Whereas,another conflict also
includes the King Edward VII who was reluctant to give up on his love.He ended
up abdicating his power and authority as a king.







   In terms of directing,the director had
actually brought us to the 1930’s era which is truly mesmerizing.Due to that,we
can imagine how the olden days are in United Kingdom.Each and every scene of
the movie is realistic and authentic because it potrays the actual thing
happened before in a delicate manner.The director has given his best by keeping
us involved in the interesting storyline.We could feel the emotions and
characters that has been potrayed magnificently.Well,there is no mistakes or
messy shots in each scenes as his directing was extraordinary

   As for the actors,they did their part and
roles very well and amazingly coordinated.I would like to emphasize mainly on
Colin Firth’s role on King George VI is truly astounding which proves him an excellent
with top quality acting availability.He continuously potrayed the
nervousness,restless,disappointment and unsatisfied expressions for his
stammering problem without any glitch.For instance,when he was declaring the
war between Britain and the Nazi’s,with confidence and he managed to overcome
his fear in doing so.Other than that,Geoffrey Rush with his immensely touching
and dedicated character.For example,in the coronation ceremony in Westminister
Abbey,he acted very well in making the king realise his potential in speaking.

   Next the cinematography was a topnotch for
the movie.Majority of the scenes has closed camera which ultimately provides
big potraits.The sets that he designed for the movie was simple and
intriguing.For example,the consulting that has been used by Lionel Logue has
ripped wallpaper which describes the warm and cozy environment.The background
has indeed created a rough and warm atmosphere to avoid the boredom in the
perspective of viewers.

   Apart from that,the sceneries shown were
very nice and pleasant.To be more specific,the scene where Regent’s park scene
where the King and speech therapist would be arguing non-stop while catching up
some air.The background effect in the scene is truly admirable as it shows some
foggy environment with smog which creates a calm and cold environment.In
creating the foggy environment,a big thums up to the special effects team or
commonly known as SFX  in doing their
part in recreating the scene.



sountracks in the movie were incredibly matched perfectly with the of motive of
the scenes.For example,when the king gave the war declaration speech in the
recording room.At the beginning of the speech the instrumental sound was
intense and ending part was smooth which creates a balanced sound.Throughout
the movie,sound was not affecting the viewers greatly but it sure does create
an impact on everyone who loves the British Royal genre music.

   The strength of the movie is that,a public
awareness about stammering has been created and how to overcome any difficulty
such as stammering in certain situations.It really teach us that even the
greatest man alive has a difficulty and to which he has to seek help from the
less noble.So,social status is not given priority in this film.Whereas,the
weakness of the movie is that the soundtrack which has been deeply not
emphasized and I personally feel that it did not give any impacts on us

   In a nutshell,overall the movie has been
very inspiring to the people who has difficuly or any dissablity.The characters
in the film was given an equal opportunity and social status was not a big deal
in the movie.For example,the king befriends a normal speech therapist who is
not from the royals and managed to create a bond which is more than
friendship.The movie also potrayed culture,attitude and dressing of the people
in 1930’s era.Lastly,I would recommend this amazing movie to all my family and
friends because of the equalily in respecting others message shown in the movie
and I find this movie very admirable.Soundtrack should be more deeply connected
to the scenes and that’s the only improvement.



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