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Solo English 10 Ms. Kelsey Marquardt Block H The Kite Runner Theme Analysis Do you ever truly believe that guilt can devour your life? Have you ever done something that is so wrong to some other person that you do not want to face him or her anymore? ? In the novel of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the author portrays how the young Afghan boy, Amir spends most of his life with guilt inside of him. Even though he lives in a huge mansion packed with luxurious items he cannot feel satisfied due to this immense guilt that he is living with.

The author emphasizes Amir only when it comes to guilt nevertheless, Amir is not the only person who is drowning in it’s own guilt, Baba and Soraya are also in the same situation. There is always a way to amend your mistakes. In this case, Amir Journeys his way through freeing from his sins. Initially, in the story Amir has always treat Hassan as a servant, a hazara boy. Hassan has constantly been faithful to Amir even though Amir does not see him as his friend. Hassan would protect Amir “a thousand times over! (Hosseini 7) since he sees him as a brother and more importantly a friend. During the Kite tournament, Amir witnesses Hassan getting raped by Assef. Amir does not take any action that is where his guilt trip started. Since Amir was a kid he never stood up for himself. After this nasty incident, Amir ignores Hassan instead of being there for him like a normal friend. One day, the two goes up a hill to their usual spot, which is under a pomegranate tree. Amir forces Hassan to hit him with a pomegranate, but Hassan refuses to do so.

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Amir thinks to himself: “l wished he’d give me the punishment I craved, so maybe I’d finally sleep at night. ” (Hosseini 92). He feels that if Hassan hits him then that will make everything go away and make him free his guilt. Later in the story, Amir goes back to Afghanistan to take care of Sohrab. Amir decides that taking care of Sohrab is the last chance for him to repay for what he has done. It is also the only way to absolve from his guilt. As this is the only chance he has, he goes through any obstacles to save him.

At some point, he even risks his life. He fghts against Assef who is the Talib Official, he knows that he has no chance of winning against Assef but he stands up for Sohrab and agrees to fght even though “That was the first time I’d fought anyone. ” (Hosseini 288). This demonstrates that he’s giving whatever he has, even his life, for Sohrab in order to redeem himself. The most important lesson that the author teaches about guilt is that no matter how immense it can be, there is always a way for redemption. No matter how much guilt

Amir had been going through, Rahim Khan knows for a fact that Amir can and will find a chance for redemption as he said, “There is a way to be good again. “(Hosseini 192) He tries his best to redeem himself because he now has a chance. One of the ways he makes up for them is during the time he goes back to Kabul and he stays overnight at the driver’s house. He comprehends the driver’s financial situation so he put “a fistful of crumpled money under a mattress. “(Hosseini 242) This gesture portrays that he is pitiful of the driver and the money is for his familys benefit.

At this point, Amir is on his Journey of redeeming himself, as he is about to reach his goal. In conclusion, guilt is circling around all the characters. No one is free from it. Even the antagonist, Assef is attached in the guilt circle. Everyone has his own way to absolve the guilt but if that person does not know how to deal with it the right way, it can devour his or her lives, Just like it almost did with Amir. He is saved Just in the nick of time. There’s always a way to free yourself from guilt if you do it flawlessly.

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