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the last lecture BY shs1919 Romancing the Brick wall in Pausch’s Heart When I read the pages 57 – 79 in Pausch’s (2008) The Last Lecture, I was surprised and impressed by his expression to his great wife. Even though he continued to love his wife, Jai, he sometimes felt her to get over such obstructions as a big wall and formidable things. He wrote, “The most formidable brick wall I ever upon in my life was Just five feet, six inches tall, and was absolutely beautiful.

But it reduced me to tears, made me reevaluate my entire life and led me to call my father, in a helpless fit, to ask for guidance on how to scale it. “(p. 73). He deep respected all of her, so he expressed that she was the most precious thing in the world. How romantic and fun its expression was. His expression surprised me because his love of Jai was well expressed by his use of metaphors like a poem. When I finished reading this book, I ould remember his love phases as the poet and author of the romantic.

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Furthermore, I was deeply impressed by Jai’s choice to keep her love and her husband. Even though his health was not good enough, he wanted to move to Pittsburgh for his working. She couldn’t understand his decision. But she finally came back his beside. He wrote, “She had come to a realization: She was in love, after all. Once again, my parents had come through. Love had won out. At weeks end, Jai moved to Pittsburgh. “(p. 9). I was impressed by a powerful lesson from her loving.

Honestly if I was Jai, I would ban him from working his Job. Above all, the reality of life is more important than love. Despite of that truth, love might have the great power in the world. They certainly didn’t confuse and scare to death by her discovery of true love. Through this book, I was surprised by his expression about his lovely wife and I was impressed by how he overcame the difficult situation through the great love. [344]

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