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The act of ending someone’s life
after they have committed a crime has been going on for decades. “The first
recorded execution in the new colonies was that of Captain George Kendall in
the Jamestown colony of Virginia in 1608”
(deathpenaltyinfo). It has been proven that executions have not decreased crime
rates. Some people have committed offences that have been inhumane, and
unjustified to the law. However, there are other alternatives for these people,
then life sentence. As human beings, nobody should have the right to end a
person’s life for any kind of reason. Executions should not be legal because the
death penalty puts innocent lives at risk, they are very expensive, and they
are chosen at random.

            It is hard to believe that the
judicial system is imperfect, and can make mistakes. People trust the system to
make decisions for the good of the people. Here is a list of 8 people who were
executed and later found innocent: “Cameron Todd Willingham, Ruben Cantu, Larry
Griffin, Carlos DeLuna, David Wayne Spence, Jesse Tafero, Thomas Griffin, and
Meeks Griffin” (Murder, Crime, Rights). It is horrifying to think that these
victims were put through extensive punishment for crimes that they did not
commit. Imagine the thoughts these people experienced everyday knowing that they
were innocent, but were still going to pay for the consequences because of an
error. If death penalty was illegal these people would still be alive today,
and out of prison. The law is not perfect and neither are interpreters of the
law, therefore something as extreme as ending a person’s life is not the right
way to handle these acts that happen so often.

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            Apart from the negative toll
executions have on prisoners, they also harm the economy. Each execution that
takes place costs nearly $1.6 billon (, which is still more
expensive than life in prison. “Volumes of research have suggested the death
penalty is significantly more expensive to taxpayers than the punishment of
life in prison, due largely to the lengthy legal processes involved” (Nasaw). There
are six types of executions that take place in the United States: lethal
injections, the electric chair, lethal gas, hanging, and the fire squad. Some
of these methods are no longer used because they resulted in a painful and
violent death. Methods still used today vary by state, but the majority use
lethal injections as the primary method, and then the electric chair (Authorized
Methods). However, the cost of lethal injections has drastically increased over
the years, because manufacturers no longer want these drugs to be used in
executions. The cost of lethal injections is just a small expense, in
comparison to the whole execution. Instead of spending money on homicides,
society, spread peace to the community, and punish these criminals for what
they have done. But, it is sickening to hear that the economy is getting
affected by the killing of these people.

            The fact that executions are picked
out at random as if it were a game is truly astonishing and terrifying. It has
been proven that criminals are not executed because of who performed the worst
crime, but out of luck. John Donohue (Stanford law professor) conducted a study
where he analyzed multiple murder crimes where some of the cases where charged
with life without patrol, and the others with life sentence. He realized that
the cases who had been charged with life in that they were separated due to
geography and race (LeBoeuf). It is unfair, abusive, and racist to not treat
all the people who committed the same crimes with the same punishment as well.
The law states that all men and women are treated equally, however, statistics
on the types of people being executed are proving otherwise. Executions hurt
mankind and cause discrimination amongst groups of people who all performed
wrong actions and deserve the same treatment.



            Despite all the negative things
executions bring to society, they also bring some positive outcomes. Some
criminals are extremely violent and need to be vanished, they have been warned
about their behavior and they continue to not learn their lesson, which can
result them in committing the same crime they once did, but this time in
prison. Also, it provides more closure to family members of the victims, they
will feel safer and better knowing that the criminal who ruined their life is
no longer around. However, ending a person’s life is a barbaric action that
should no longer be legalized. There are many other methods to deal with
criminals than by ending their lives. 
Some criminals have substance abuse problems, mental illnesses, and lack
of empathy which require therapy, not death. Some people are innocent, and
finding this out after they have been killed would really suck. Others, have
learned from the mistakes in the past and truly regret the crimes they have
committed. Human beings were put on this earth for a reason, and no matter what
acts they have committed, it should not be legal to end another human being’s


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