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Phantom of the Opera



The phantom, the director Schumacher made some
changing to the characters. He chose Emmy Rossum as Christine as young woman to
young woman in love.

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Emmy Rossum
was innocent, beautiful, and angelic with a voice to match. Patrick Wilson was
perfect as Raoul; handsome, and with a voice as smooth as silk. However, I
can’t say enough about Gerard Butler. His emotional range is absolutely  stunning. Not since Richard Burton or Larry
Olivier in Richard III have I seen an actor who can encompass so many different
levels on the turn of a dime: Murderous rage; intense sexuality and longing;
incredible vulnerability. His voice was beautiful, sensuous, and the amazing
thing was his singing matched every emotion he was feeling from highest to
lowest. In the beginning we see a very confident, strong, domineering
individual partial to strangling people when cornered, (not the most
sympathetic of individuals,) who nevertheless shows a sensitivity and sweetness
despite all of his extremely fatal faults; that is, in the more than competent
hands of Gerard Butler. His performance is so beautifully and deftly drawn that
gradually by the end of the film we see what’s been behind the mask all along:
He’s just a lost little boy who never grew up. 










From the second act Schumacher says, his works that really
made the film the lavish spectacle that it became the direction. For the
masquerade ball, he did it all black and white gold and silver. Schumacher
wanted the film to be young, tragic, love story. However, he has actually
created something powerful in its own right, so I believe comparisons of stage
show to film are unreasonable.

Lloyd-Webber musical, is nothing short of a lavish treat for the eyes and ears,
with amazing performances and acting from cast, including all the songs that
fans of the show will know and remember. The 25th Anniversary
production stars the amazingly talented Iranian born Canadian Ramin Karimloo
and Boggess incidentally are no strangers to the characters, having played them
previously in the London production of the sequel to this show love never dies.
Their chemistry on stage is perfect as are their performance.

is terrific as the phantom and injects emotion and passion into the show
playing the phantom as essentially a victim. With a voice that at times can be
vengeful and deadly, yet soft and vulnerable at others. His delivery of the
insolent boy line near beginning strikes fear right around the Albert Hall. I
would even go as far to say that he is the best phantom that I have watch so
far, but the 2004 movie version starring Gerard Butler he acting is great
without being over top, and you really feel for the character. Sierra Bogges is
also amazing displaying sensitivity, vulnerability, and sexuality all
throughout the show. The performance was past of the

no return being a particular highlight. The two leads work very well to getter
and make the show believable.

There are also good supporting performances
too. Hadley Frasers Raoul is dynamic and energetic without becoming too
irritating and makes quite a good match against the phantom in

A Battle for Christine’s heart. Wendy Ferguson
and wynne go compare Evans are very funny as the diva Carlotta and piangi. The
two Italian opera supremos who are the subjects of phantoms rage and eventually
driven to obedience. Equally as funny and memorable are the opera house
managers firming and André, played brilliantly by Barry James and Gareth snook,
who camp it up and provide some additional comedy.

The staging and scenery is spectacular, with
the doomed chandelier hanging above the audience and the on stage sets,
especially the bridge leading to phantoms lair, featuring prominently. Due to
the venue, they had to make a very slight chandelier scene at the end of the
first part of the show. However, it is not a big deal and still has a great
impact in my opinion. The performances throughout will leave you astounded and
definitely not disappointed. Because Andrew Lloyd Webbers the phantom of the
opera. The most successful musical of all time is as timeless and haunting as
ever in sweeping breathtaking production. Well done to all the ones involved in

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