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                    The style of Jackson was new and
unique that many were intrigue by. He would put his canvas on the floor then
dip and brush paint on the canvas. He would take his frustration, emotions out
on the art. From his history growing up with an alcoholic father and who
abandon him at an early age, this is how he learns to cope with his past. The
meaning behind his work came from his pain and his past this transform into
abstract art that is known today.


Americans began to settle into al that is new, they started to look and affected
by abstract movement. Abstract art was another outlet for some to express the
way they felt after the great depression from all kinds of shapes and lines
being drawer to paint covering the canvas. This new style of art was post-war
showing the moods of trauma, anxiety and not knowing what could happen next.
During the 1930 art was not about lines and paint being splatters over but more
so a meaning or a direct view of an issue thought or symbolizing something that
had meaning.

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purpose of the art work for Joe Jones in the Roustabouts was to make other
aware of what is going on in our would during this time, and how we as people
need to help people more and look for a change in  the quality of life. All of his painting shows
some kind of hurt, struggle, men working but ever advancing to another level of
life. His work was pushing the envelope for social reform and letting the world
know that this is happening and we as people need to do better into changing
this. The painting roustabout showed more of a racism look at things as well
for explains how the white man is standing over all of the black men while they
are sitting down. Then you have the Thanksgiving painting speak in another way
of life. Bringing people together to eat and enjoy one another no matter what
you have or how old you are. Overall the artwork that present in works from the
1930s show the types of struggle and the view, they have on the day to day life
of the Great Depression.

another lady comes walking into the kitchen with flower and milk where a blue
dress, in the mean time there are two more women one is putting up dishes in a
red dress while the other women look to be just coming in and taking off her
hat. Also, a little boy stands in the doorway, watching the women at work
making Thanksgiving dinner for the family.  Her art was contemporary style that was
relatable. For example Doris art show women in their domesticity roles.





artist that worked during the Great Depression is Doris Lee she was known for
her painting Thanksgiving in 1935. Doris painted this painting to boost spirits
when they were low during the Great Depression. 
This painting was a reminder of how important Thanksgiving is to
Americans. This painting show even during a hard time in life people will still
pull together with family and friends to be thankful for what they have during
these tough times and hardship times.  This
painting show women in the kitchen cooking, one lady pulling out a hot  turkey out of the case iron  oven hold a kitchen towel to not burn herself
since the turkey is so hot from cooking as she wears a  pink dress, while a dog is laying on a red and
white checker floor under the oven. Then a little girl taking food off the
table to feed the cat as she binds over her under pants are showing in a pink
dress as well, at the same table there is another lady in a yellow and white
trim dress that is looking to be rolling out dough or pie crust with a rolling
pin. Next, to the oven there are two small kids sitting in high chairs with
smiles on their face happy to see the turkey come out of the oven one has a
rattle in his hand.

abstract expressionism was Jackson Pollock he was known for his art of abstract
art. His work was bright and full of color from time to time from paint being
drop over, paint splatter or thin lines of color on canvas to make it look in
another form or shape. There would be a challenge of what was going on in the
world he would express or  painting with some
with a faces and other without he was artist that you never knew what you was
getting from him and he always express his feeling though art. Abstract
Expressionism art was a result of post World War II American in society.
Americans started to make the change into a new world, and this influenced the Abstract
Expressionism art movement.

Jones was an artist who was an American painter, landscape painter, a muralist
and a lithographer worked during the Great Depression one of his painting
called Roustabouts in 1934.   This painting shows black laborers working
hard under a white man as their boss, with a factory in the back ground with
black smoke coming from their pipe. Men were carrying bags of sand on a gloomy
day while other sit to catch there breathe.  All of this workers looking tired and defeated
from the hard physical labor they are doing. This painting shows the rough
conditions of this worker who economic develops America.  Jones art works reflects the working class
people of their struggle, brought awareness and reveal truth.  He was never interested in making art that
everyone was doing but making art that made him happy for him was true of life.
Jones Identify with the working class in his painting showed he wanted to make
a statement in social justice   From the stock market crashing, fewer jobs and
poverty he draw from this and the things he saw during the Great Depression
trying to make sense of the world during that era.  From him being a self proclaimed communist
this was a source of hope and change for the working class that helps him to
make art. Not only did he see the struggle but he worked himself and felt the
struggles as well. In his work, you were able to see how people worked hard to
provider for themselves and their families. He would capture moments of
poverty, struggle, hardship, and unfairness.


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