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The logistics industry, which
exhibited great development during recent years globally, is the lifeblood of economies. Logistic activities are extensively important for production and trade sectors. Manufacturing corporations procure raw materials, process these raw materials in the production operations and ship their products to the end users all thanks to logistic activities. Logistics is a rather comprehensive concept. Although the concept is considered with an
emphasis on transportation, its use has widened during the recent years. Generally, logistics reflects the processes of the flow of information from the origin of the raw material to the end point where the product is consumed, planning and controlling this process both in a productive and low

cost manner via storage and inven
tory facilities. In this context, logistics includes
several types of services. These fundamental services include transportation, customs
clearance, storage, handling, insurance, packaging, stocks and inventory management, customer relations management and customer specific services. Above mentioned services increased the significance of the logistics industry and thus, the industry became the sector with the highest share in services in several countries.
In the 21st century, logistics industry is considered as one of the 3 most important
industries along with microbiology and gene technology. Due to the increasing distance
between the procurement and consumption points of the commodities in the global scale,
logistics industry started to be considered as a significant tool for competition, which in turn
increased the interest for the industry especially in developed countries. The industry has a
considerable share in GDP of the US and Europe. Furthermore, as Asia became a global trade
center and as the world trade volume increased beyond 27 trillion dollars, the logistics industry
is in a rapid growth trend.
As a result of globalization, expanding international trade volume forced nations to
increase their logistics capacities. Development of the logistics industry facilitated production,
distribution and marketing, providing serious global competitive advantages to the nation that
invested in the field. Accurate and active planning of logistic activities became a significant tool
for countries to gain advantages in both costs and efficiency. Logistics, in the times that we live
in, plays an active role in development and became an indispensable factor in trade.
Accordingly, developments in logistics industry provide serious advantages in growth and

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