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result in table 2 reveals the type of fresh-water fish species use for
trado-medicine and other purpose in the study area. Twelve freshwater fish
species were identified by the people and also the usage. Firstly, Clarias fish
are eaten by the women for easy or safe delivery, used to stop promiscuity
among women, use to restore fertility in women, initiation of Ifa priest, use
for money making as human parts (osole), customer puller for traders (afaero),
use for worshipping of esu deity, use for making concoction for not getting old
quickly (ajidewe). Secondly, Malapterurus electricus
(Electric fish) is use for making retentive memory (isoye), to cure leprosy,
control of insect larvae in drinking water pots, protective charm (Okigbe or
madarikan), healing of stroke, good luck charm and weakening of the opponents
during wrestling.

niloticus is use to restore
potency in man, and also to treat vitality by mixing it herbs for drinking.
Gymnachus is use for making prosperity concoction, use for praying for the new
couple and also appeasement of the gods. Tetraodan fahaka (Puffer fish) is use for making drum and also to
neutralize poisoning. Heterobranchus
bidorsalis’ skull (Laago) is
use for prosperity, the alimentary canal with egg sac is use for conception in
barren women and it is use for initiation into secret cults.

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bladder is use for buoyancy by the swimmers and also back to sender charm while
tilapia fish is for eating and mormyrus fish is use for favour by the people in
the study area. Calamoichthys calabaricus (Eel fish) is dry and
grind into powder then mix with other herbs to stop bleeding especially in pregnant
woman. Polypterus is use to dissolve criminal case in the court of law and also
for protection. Chrysichithys nigrodigitatus
(Silver cat fish or Obokun), is use for buffering sacrifice. The bile and inner
part is use as remedy against disease that involves swollen up.

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