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The word perseverance
is such a powerful word. Grasping  the
word results in ultimate success yet takes a great amount of obedience. Most can
define perseverance as meaning to not give up. Even though people have a good
sense of what this word means I still feel that most do not know the competence
of this word. Merriam Webster gives this definition to the word perseverance;
“the act or power of continuing to do something despite difficulties.”. Have
you ever set targets for yourself that you’ve not been able to achieve or
attain? And did you end up wondering just why things don’t seem to work out in
your favor? If so, you are not alone. A lot people never seem to achieve
success in various goals they set up for themselves; and these very people often
lose hope in their abilities to do well on anything. A persevering person is one
who has self-confidence, indomitable determination, and untiring energy to
continue until you’ve completed the task or goal you set for yourself. In
November 2017, I found myself, at 17, depressed, petrified, and all alone
engrossed in the news I had just received from the doctors. I had just found
out I had Pseudotumorcerebri, which was the reason why for weeks I couldn’t see
properly, and I felt so weak. At first, I couldn’t believe it. How could
someone so young have a disease so rare? Was it hereditary? Would I become
blind? A million questions were racing through my head all at once. On October
28th I found out I had pseudotumorcerbri, November 4th I was
due to check in to the Florida hospital and have emergency surgery on my eye,
but it didn’t stop there. After having an optic nerve sheet fenestration, in a
couple days it was supposed to relieve some of the pressure in my head and
reduce the swelling of my brain. It was also supposed to start correcting my
eyesight. So why did it seem to get worse? My headaches became unbearable and
nothing helped, the doctors then decided let’s do a lumbar puncture and MRI to see
what’s going on. Comes to find out my intercranial pressure had sky-rocketed to
42 when it was only 35 a couple days before, instead of pressure being relieved
it was building up drastically. I ended up having to have emergency surgery
again this time I had a lumbar shunt installed to help with the drainage of
spinal fluid. Following all the major surgeries, I felt alone and depressed, I couldn’t
do anything by myself, I felt like such a burden on my dad. I couldn’t Move
from off my left side due to the incisions on my right side and lower right
back. I couldn’t eat without being nauseated. I couldn’t use the restroom
without a bedpan, 4 nurses, my dad and A lot of Screaming and crying. Perseverance
is something I had to acquire, and I had to acquire it quickly. After sending
away the physical therapist a couple of days, the next day I woke up and said, “I’m
going to try walking today”. The first step was hard, and it hurt so much but I
knew if I wanted to hurry and get out of the hospital in time for thanksgiving
I would have to push myself. For days I got Up and tried walking to the hallway
even if it took all day I was determined. What I soon noticed though is that I had
to balance with doing a lot and not doing too much, with the shunt in place
with too much movement I could become weak and dizzy because my intercranial
pressure was then too low. I had a walker for my good days and on days I was
too weak to move and couldn’t feel my legs I had a wheelchair. After spending
the rest of 2017, In and out of the hospital and sick, I am now, because of my perseverance
and the dreams I have set for myself, walking on my own and taking things day
by day. It’s been a rough couple of months, I found myself slipping into
depression, I mean senior year was supposed to be my best one yet. Yet here I am
with this disease, I can’t go to school till I get clearance from my neurosurgeon,
I might not go to college because I’m missing all the deadlines because I’m in
and out the hospital, and I’m going to miss ACT/SAT testing. See what
persevering will do for you, with having the right mindset, you’ll be turning
the key to your success

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