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The main focus a security since the first release
of the ATMs was to make the terminals untouchable against physical attack; so
they managed to create a safe container mechanisms which are impossible to be open
unless thieves decide to use some extra forces such as gas explosive. To do
this they must to stole the hole body of the machine.  Modern ATM physical security, has the main
focus on denying the usage of the money founded inside the machine from the thieves.
But how this is possible?  It can be a great
solution if different types of Intelligent Banknote Neutralization Systems are
used. Also, another method to keep money safe from physical thieves is to keep
a secret schedule for the time and the staff that fills the machines with cash.

secrecy and integrity

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Having a secured crypto processor is what makes the
ATM transactions to rely their security, but also the ATMs in many cases use
general components that sometimes cannot be considered as a “trusted

data information, as provided by law, must be encrypted to prevent in this way
money frauds. Usually the type of encryption used for these kind of data
is DES, but nowadays Triple DES is more required from the ATMs processors. There
are two techniques we use to ensure the integrity of messages which are
generated while a transaction is happening and also to keep safe and secret the
initialization of encryption and its keys. The first technique is called Message
Authentication Code (MAC) or Partial MAC and the second one name is Remote Key

identity integrity

Man-in-the-middle attacks, has always been a concern
for security in every computer fields. As it belongs to ATMs, has caused a
large number of frauds. Using this method criminals place fake keypads or card
readers to the machines and archive to take personal data such as PINs or other
information providing their selves unauthorized access.  

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