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The 1920s was a time of great change. One of the greatest changes was for women. They soon gained a new sense of freedom and self worth. They were no longer tied to just the kitchen. The word “woman” has a redefined definition. Out with the face of a loyal wife and in with the face of a bright bold flapper.All throughout history, women were expected to stay at home and tend to the house and children. Wash the dishes. Do the laundry. Cook dinner. Set the table. This is what has always been expected of women all throughout history. Even though men were the “man of the house”, they never did anything around the house. As soon as the 1920’s came rolling around, everything changed. One of the greatest factors was the war. *As men were going to war there were many roles in society that needed to fill. Women stepped up and assumed many of the positions. They helped out in society as much as possible. After the war, this movement only gained momentum and became a huge stepping stone for women.Despite their changing roles in society, another thing changed. Their lifestyle also had a great change. Women were no longer accepting of their old styles. With new roles, came new attitudes. They no longer had the fear of being reserved and polite*. In this time, many women started smoking and drinking with the guys. Before this was never accepted. This was their time to party. In today’s society, we typically don’t think about the differences between different time periods. Everyone goes to a party if they are invited. Women were never invited and didn’t typically attend even if they were. It was not a role in their society. Some less noticeable changes were their appearance. Shorter dresses and more skin. Dresses were no longer floor length. They started to creep past their ankles revealing more and more skin. Hair was also a change. Hair was typically tied back and reserved. That was no more. Hair became bigger and bolder. It was more in your face and expressed their new boisterous personalities. One of the biggest changes was their attitude. It was no longer about everyone else first and themselves last. No, they were becoming more focused on themselves. They finally started doing what they thought would be right for them. *One of the biggest changes was how our society and economy worked. With the development of the assembly lines and factories. Things that were previously not acceptable, were now widely accepted by society. Many people started drinking more and more often.* Men were staying out later after work to go to bars and drink. The number of people that drank and smoke increased tremendously. Subsequently, those who were previously drinking doubled the amount they were drinking. This was largely due to the increase of people drinking so they felt more comfortable doing it. The number of smokers also doubled. With the introduction of assembly lines, more jobs were created to work. This changed the game for many people. This sudden increase in jobs allowed many people to afford many new items that were being introduced during the time.* Prohibition caused a few issues in the labor force. With the closure of many breweries and bars, thousands of people lost their jobs. This created a significant issue. Many people were looking for jobs, but could not find one. This led to the rise of employment by illegal means*. Prohibition was also the greatest opportunity for jobs. Although not legally, many people found jobs that they could make a living with.* Many people worked as bootleggers. These were people that would smuggle alcohol across borders and deliver it to speakeasies. Many people also work in speakeasies or bars that only a few people knew about. Although these people knew what they were doing was illegal, they did it anyway. Americans wanted to do their best and provide for their families by any means necessary.* One of the biggest changes was the need to complete the “American Dream”. In the novel,  The Great Gatsby – Fitzgerald, F. Scott, was a prime example of this. The character Jay Gatsby strived to achieve this dream. There are four parts typically associated with the “American Dream”. Wealth. Popularity. Possession. Relationship. Many strived to achieve this by whatever means necessary. Continuing with The Great Gatsby”, Gatsby struggled throughout the entire novel. He had achieved wealth, popularity, the possessions; however, he did not have a relationship. The whole novel describes the struggle Gatsby has with trying to win over Daisy. This would have completed his dream.

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