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The production and distribution of PlusCoin (PLC) to the first token holders is ending, but PlusCoin is already gaining attention from the crypto community. Etherdelta has listed PLC on its exchange making the cryptocurrency tradable. Moreover, the DS PLUS (PlusCoin) team announced that PlusCoin will be available in four other exchanges:

·         Bitsane/Anybits

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·         IDEX

·         Mercatox

·         Yobit

Negotiations with large stock exchanges are ongoing, and there may be additions to this list. The crypto community should show interest in the coin circulation before the cryptocurrency is listed on large stock exchanges.

Burning Unsold PLC and PLC Distribution

During the ICO stage, burning unsold tokens will decrease the supply while boosting the price of the coin and its value. There will be less coins circulating in the market, causing an increased activity of the coin in the exchange. The news of unsold PLC being burned was unexpected for the community.

“When discussing the process of burning the unsold during the ICO PLC tokens, we concluded that the total number of tokens, including those that were allocated to the infrastructure and the reserve, should be reduced to properly distribute and increase the value of the coin,” said Mikhail Mikhailov, CEO DS Plus (PlusCoin)

The distribution of PLC coins after calculations is as follows:

·         Distributed during the ICO is 18.3 percent, or 05 172 323 624.01

·         Infrastructure of DS PLUS (PlusCoin) is 13 200 000 000.00

·         Stabilization fund of 9 900 000 000.00

This leaves the market with 28 272 323 624.01 PLC. Unsold PLC coins, part of the reserve, and infrastructure funds will be burned on Jan. 15, 2018.



About DS Plus and PlusCoin                     

DS Plus is a platform that provides a crypto-cashback service, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, in the form of a mobile application integrated with the PlusCoin cryptocurrency. The DS Plus platform serves thousands of partner merchants by motivating users to make a purchase using PlusCoin. Users gain rewards by using PlusCoin which can be used to buy goods and services from partner merchants at the online store of the platform. For more information, visit


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