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The Gupta empire was one of the largest political and military empires. The rulers would call themselves the king of kings. There were four classes of Candra’s conquests. The kings who were eliminated by Candra and their kingdoms were included into the empire. When Candra slayed these kingdoms he added them into his empire instead of having them out of the empire and letting them rule freely. They could rule as long as their kingdom was apart of the Gupta empire. Candra also defeated many kings and captured prisoners so, he  allowed the defeated and the prisoners, but he had them be rulers of tributary states. The kings that were defeated or prisoners were able to still rule after they got out of prison they would over tributary states. A Tributary state is a state that is an assistant to a strong powerful neighbour, that send regular tokens constantly to the superior power.  There’s also the frontier kings that was willing to pay tribute to the victor or hero. The Gupta empire had a lot of land for many reasons like taking over a kingdom and adding that land to the empire. They also had land held for the Gupta empire.The Mauryan empire held much of Gupta’s land before Gupta acquired the land. With the land under Gupta’s rule peace and trade had improved, but the peace and trade was not what they had the most success in. Gupta empire has had a lot of achievements and a lot of those achievements had nothing to do with peace and trade. The Gupta’s had a lot of creativity and loved flourishing art. Samudragupta was a warrior and he loved art he set the phase for the appearance of classical art. Samudragupta’s son Chandragupta gave amazing support to art, under his rule artists were highly valued. Not only art was an achievement literature and science was also one of their great achievements. The literature is mostly used for poems and drama or acting and scripts. Yes literature was used for other writings too for example religious and meditative writing. Which means their focusing on their religion while writing it down. For example if you were a christian then you would pray to the one and only god well as you pray you would write that prayer down, then you would focus on that prayer that you wrote down and you would meditate on it as you meditate on it you would find a bible verse that went along with your prayer and you would meditate on that bible verse too. You are basically writing to your religion and you can put it on your wall in a holy place or give it to your religion leader. Literature was also to educate. You would learn to write formal essays. Formal essays were written on subjects ranging from grammar, medicine, math, and astronomy. The best essay is Kamasutra because it is written about art, love and, marriage according to the laws of Hindu.

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