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fifth part of the movie “Inside the Job” illustrates how the rise of financial
sector caused the downfall of the manufacturing sector. The core companies of
the United States were poorly managed and felled behind their foreign
competitors. Thousands of people lost their jobs and American company’s sent
jobs to China’s newly opened companies to save money. As manufacturing industry
declined, other industries rose, especially technological industry. However,
people needed education in order to find jobs in this sector. These lead to an
astronomical increase in universities tuition fees. The Bush administration sharply
reduced taxes on investment gains, stock dividends and eliminated the estate
tax. These then causes another problem, which was Inequality of wealth.
American families responded to this in two ways: they either worked longer or
went into debt. So, this makes an urge to make easy to get credit. “For the
first time in history, average Americans have less education, and are less
prosperous than their parents”.

 Barack Obama spoke about the need to reform
the industry. Although the Presidential administration of the United States has
officially changed, the same Wall Street players are now economic advisors
in the new administration. Hence, nothing has changed. In 2009, the
unemployment hit its highest level over past 17 years, the same year Morgan
Stanley paid its employees over $14 billion and Goldman Sachs paid out over $16
billion. The movie then describes the core of the problem in the United States,
pointing that “The men and institutions that caused the crises are still in
power, and that needs to change”. The movie “Inside Job” focused on
the corrupt actions of politicians, university professors, financial
organizations, regulators, and rating firms that competed on the Wall Street
monopoly game board with monopoly money provided by a failed economic monetary

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