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The stress of experiencing work and career issues usually ends up coming home with people. That can cause tension between you and your family, by not being able to separate home and work. That’s when therapy becomes the next step in someone’s life. The most common problems at work include: Job LayoffNot being able to find a jobUnrealistic expectations from supervisorsMissing out on the promotions you’ve been waiting forSocial complications with coworkers Without getting the proper help, some start to experience lack of determination leading them to use alcohol or other substances to relieve stress. Seeking out help for work and career issues can help put some balance between work and home. You also learn how to deal with stress in a positive way. Therapy is a safe environment that allows you to understand your feelings, figure out negative behaviors and provide you with a way to gain back control of your daily life. The benefits of therapy for work and career issues have a huge impact on your work and home life: You gain purpose and motivation to separate your stresses.Gain healthier relationships with your co workers and your family. Learn new techniques to conquer your goals efficiently. Many people have questions regarding work and career therapy, that include:How long does career counseling take?Everyone’s situation is completely different, there is no set amount of time you could be in therapy. Based on past individuals, 6-12 sessions is the average amount of time, but again each person is different than the next. .Do I really need therapy?Therapy is very beneficial for people who understand they need the help and are willing to cooperate with the therapist. Others feel they are ready to take on their issues themselves, and don’t think therapy is right for them at this moment. Is therapy confidential?One hundred percent yes1 Confidentiality is extremely important to your therapist; however state law requires the therapist to contact the appropriate authorities under certain circumstances, including If a patient is in danger of hurting themselves or others.If abuse or neglect of a child or other adult is reported to the therapist.

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