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Rock Street, San Francisco

The location has to be convenient to potential
customers, where would not be possible to bother neighborhood at night events. Because
the start-up is planned to be a high-class place, it is important to maintain
the consistency as of the products provided as of the general situation,
including design, lighting, personnel, “even the menus and comfortable seats”,
according to the manager of Tosca Llar Club (2017). Everything has to be well planned and thought till the last detail.


The most
common products demanded by customers in Tosca Llar Club are drinks and
hookahs, what is approximately the same concept of the future Hookah Space
lounge bar. There have to be proper and qualified cocktail-makers, so are
hookah masters. Talking about integrated in Spain hookah culture in general, it
can be said that hookah is very popular and brings a lot of profit to almost
all the enterprises dealing with this product. If the master knows his deal, he
makes loyal the customers, who come not only for beautiful views and wonderful
location but also for hookah itself.

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To make this kind of leisure place successful,
it is important to follow next steps. To identify the target audience, due to
consumers love those entrepreneurs who cater to their tastes, needs, personal
interests and even lifestyle. To achieve success and recognition of the
bar/club, it is needed to determine its concept, let it be distinguished from
competitors’ enterprises absolutely in everything, like design, decorations,
and even prices. For example, if to open a sports bar, it can be equipped with
huge plasma panels or ultramodern TV screens, which competitors would not have
for sure. After defining the concept, it is crucial to make sure that it can be
traced absolutely in everything: in decor, in technological systems, in unique
images of employees and interaction of staff with bar customers. In accordance
with the last point, the staff should consist of professionals in their field,
true masters of service and experts of polite communication with clients.
Studying competitors is extremely important to be original in this business. It
is needed to watch the actions of competitors and embody the principles and
rules of the most successful of them in the work of the lounge bar. To select the
advantages of competitors and try to imitate them, exceeding them. Every rule
before the implementation must be carefully analyzed, so that it does not bring
the loss of customers, wastes and disadvantages. Imitation of competitors is
especially effective if their establishments are in the same category as the
start-up lounge bar. It is significant to analyze on what depends the success
of the competitor’s business. Bar’s owner communication with customers, the key
role of success depending on the location of the bar and its décor, or
democratic prices on all the products and service provided. On all these things
it is important to pay attention when starting running this kind of business.


Quantitative research


method is a research method, which is focused on objective measurements,
collection of statistical, analytical and numerical data and its analysis.
Basically it is based on making surveys and questionnaires. Quantitative
research method generalizes numerical data across groups of people or for
explanation of a particular fact (Babbie 2010, 422).


There are
different main characteristics of quantitative research. First of all, it is a
reliability, which is acquired by replicating or repeating the study. The
researcher when using a quantitative method properly defines questions to get
the objective answers and before collecting the data studies all the factors with
the diligence. The outcome of the research can lead to large sample sizes of
representatives of population (Libguides 2017).


When the research has been already done by
using quantitative method, it is essential to interpret all the information
factors collected and describe the acquisition for all the steps taken and
procedures done (Babbie 2010, 422).


Surveys for potential customers


The survey
is one of two main types of questionnaire methods used to obtain information
concerning objective facts, knowledge, opinions, assessments, behavior and so
on. An essential feature of the questionnaire survey is the indirect nature of
the interaction between the researcher and the respondent who communicate using
the questionnaire, and the respondent reads himself the offered questions to
him and fixes himself his answers
(Babbie 2010, 254-255).


Carrying out a survey requires, as a
prerequisite, strict observance of the conditions of the whole procedure,
because without this it is impossible to achieve plausible results of the
survey, otherwise the research method will not yield the necessary result.


The advantages of the questionnaire include
comparative profitability, the possibility of reaching large groups of people,
applicability to the most diverse aspects of people’s lives, convenient and
fast results collection, the minimum influence of the researcher on the
respondent, efficiency and saving money and time.


The questionnaire is not free from
disadvantages. Sometimes there can appear the inability to control the process
of filling out the questionnaire, which can lead to the lack of autonomy of the
respondent’s answers, influence from the environment, like internet, opinion of
other people and so on. In case of the Hookah Space lounge bar survey, some of
the surveys have been filled under control of questionnaire representative.

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