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The Code of Ethics for St. Anthony’s Memorial Home Care dedicates to maintaining the
highest possible level of public confidence in the care that we provide and in our business
practices. Clinical decisions, including care and services, are based on identified patient health
care needs. All persons involved in the direction and delivery of care provided by the home care
services department shall perform their duties according to the values as stated in the Code of
Ethics. I have chosen respect, honor, and honesty as my three parts to my Code of Ethics for my
organization for all employees.

First, respect is the framework for any organization. Building and maintaining trust and
respect are vital. As children, we learn to respect our parents and the property of others. This is a
very important lesson to teach your child. The best way to teach respect is to show respect.
When a child experiences respect, they know what it feels like and begin to understand how
important it is.

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Respect is an attitude. Being respectful helps all of us to succeed in life. If there is no
respect for peers, authority, or self-respect, it is almost impossible for anyone or any organization
to succeed. It is our responsibility to teach others how to be respectful and unless we start at
home, it is unlikely that it will show anywhere else.

As a health care organization, confidentiality is a major ethical issue. This requires that
all employees must control information and not disclose to others any information unless it is
necessary in the performance of hospital duties. Some information may be perceived as sensitive
and thus should be shared with only those who are given permission by the patient to know or
use in patient care. Information that employees obtain or hear about the care or conditions of
patients is confidential and there have been many employees that have been terminated for
disclosing this information.


Secondly, honoring the wishes of patient is the responsibility of the health care provider.
We as nurses should remember that even though a treatment decision may be clinically sound,
the decision may not be ethically justified. Ethical decision-making is not considered separate
from the nursing process, but, rather, a building block on which every nursing decision and
action is developed.

The nurse is the patient’s advocate. As a patient advocate, the nurse assists the patient
and family in interpreting information from other health care members. The nurse offers
additional information that the patient needs to make decisions about health care. This assistance
may include explanations, concerns, and complaints about the implications of the patient’s health
care. Evaluating the patient’s outcome is one of the nursing processes. If a problem is
discovered, a plan is developed and implemented.

Third, honesty in the verbal or written form is personal values that the employee freely
chooses and serves as the foundation for the development of personal or professional values.
The employee may sometimes have difficulty balancing personal and professional values.
Ethical codes represent standards for ideal behaviors. However, the Codes do not tell the
employee the exact actions to take in specific ethical situations.

The patient’s chart is a legal document. Documentation is one of the most important
responsibilities of all health care providers. It is a means of communication in recording factual
information about a patient’s status and the care provided. The courts may scrutinize
documentation in the event of a lawsuit that questions the quality or level of care a patient did or
did not receive.

In conclusion, the Code of Ethics that I have developed for my organization will be
posted, distributed and discussed with every employee. St. Anthony’s Hospital wants them to
understand that respect, honor, and honesty will be expected from them as they continue their


employment in our department. They will be expected to adhere to these ethical guidelines, both
in practice, and in spirit, and perform their duties according to the code of ethics, as outlined in
the provided appendix, as we provide our patients with high quality home care services. 

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