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 The number of applications in food  industry has increased manifold in the last
few year  as there   has
been an large  amount of research and  enhanced commercialization activity for the
extraction of plant materials to generate eco friendly   extracts for use as ingredients in
nutraceuticals and functional foods (Saldana et al., 2010). From the various studies it is evident that  oils are common extraction targets components
especially  Special oils, such as those
from  seeds and nuts  as they have high  commercial value at low volumes. Since these
oils have high concentration of bioactive components, conversely the low
critical temperature supercritical CO2 (SC-CO2) helps in maintaining
their safety and bioactivity. Among carotenoids the lycopene   and ?-carotene
are mostly extracted by using SC-CO2 (Matte et
al., 2009.).Moreover Phytosterols possess a variety of health benefits,
including cholesterol lowering effect and antioxidant functionality (Lagar et al., 2006). SC-CO2
extraction has also been utilized for the extraction of phytosterols from plant
materials and/or for edible applications, both on their own and coupled with
other major or minor lipid components (Nyam et
al., 2011) and Other lipid soluble components like  phospholipid (Costa et al., 2010) squalene (Xu et
al., 2010) and Co-Enzyme Q-10 (Laplante et
al., 2009). Despite the very low solubility of phenolics in SC-CO2,
the extractions of phenolics  have been
investigated quite extensively, especially in last few years (Kong et al., 2009). Multiple  extractions, or cycles of  Depressurization–pressurization, are more
prevalent with  supercritical  extractions of phenolics and polar compounds
comparing with lipid-soluble compound extractions (Babovic et al., 2010). Essential oils (Pourmortazavi & Hajimirsadeghi, 2007),
Caffeine (Díaz-Reinoso et al., 2006),
Polyols (Ghoreishi, 2009), stevia glycosides (Erkucuk et al., 2009) are also extracted by using SC-CO2
extraction. In addition inactivation of micro organisms is achieved through a
series of mechanisms based on SC-CO2 (Spilimbergo & Bertucco,

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