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The story of Desiree’s baby is written by Kate Chopin the genre of the story is literary fiction. “The story took place in Louisiana in the mid-ninth century. Desiree’s was abandoned near a gateway towards Valmonde. Valmonde had stated Desiree was a miracle sent from heaven . She got adopted by Madame Valmonde and Monsieur. Later on in the story Desiree’s gets married to Armand Aubigny. The Aubigny L’Abri is a plantation house that belongs to the Aubigny Family” (Litcharts). In the story Kate Chopin uses theme, symbols and characters to demonstrate literary devices. Kate Chopin theme in the story is Slavery and Racism along with Love and Blindness.In the mid ninth century in the civil war times slavery and racism took place. The Aubigny’s owned several slaves. “Armand Aubigny sat in the wide hallway that commanded a view of the spectacle; and it was he who dealt out to a half dozen negros the materials which kept this fire ablaze”(Chopin).They would physical abuse most slaves and have sexual relationships with them. This shows that Armand has power over his slaves and he has the authority to do whatever he desires. The story shows us how the racism shapes and malformed the lives of African American. The story shows us that Armand was racist because he had said “the child is not white which means you are not white”(GradeSaver). Armand was irrational that Desiree’s baby was not white, he was dark-complexioned. Armand had thought Desiree was African American since he didn’t know her heritage. Love and Blindness, love is a method character use to express how they feel about others. Just how Madame and Monsieur Valmonde got amended by love when Monsieur found Desiree going to the entry of Valmonde and took her in without knowing where she comes from. Armand is also soften by love because he marries a girl who he doesn’t even know, but he still showers her with gifts and prodigal kindness. Desiree’s shows blindness because even though she knows Armand commits adultery, is cruel to the slaves and has mood swings and she is just blinded by love. “Armand’s mother and father enforce blindness of his own heritage on her son, to protect him out of love, but in doing so allow Armand to believe in the Stereotypes and hierarchies that cause him to abandon his wife (Litchart).”In addition, the author use symbols such as the Stone pillar and L’abri. The Stone pillar is where they found Desiree. ” Desiree is standing near the same stone pillar eighteen years later when Armand sees her and falls in love with her at first sight. The stone symbol is a marker of desiree unexplained past (Litcharts)”. The Stone pillar symbolise the happiness it brought to  Valmonde.The L’abri is the plantation that belongs to the Aubigny Family. “It symbol the unhappiness that occurred and will occur at home (Litcharts)”. These symbols represents the Valmonde family and the Aubigny Family. The character that I chose was Armand, Desiree,and La Blanche.  “At the age of eight Armand lost his mother, left Paris to go to L’abris(GradeSaver)

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