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The article was a good read and contained helpful information to companies on different means and methods of measuring service quality and productivity in their respective companies. The example of FedEx’s service supply quality was used in the presentation to depict the factors involved. While it might be a great example, I believe that two or more examples from different fields or walks in life should have been used. This way it would have been clearer for the reader to understand exactly how to measure service quality and productivity in a different setup situation.

            The measurements of customer satisfaction have also been covered in an effective way that is actually possible to employ in real life situations. Example, in the case of face-to-face encounters with immediate feedback, the company may be able to gauge itself accurately on the level, which their products are in terms of customer consumption (Patterson, 2015). This is a brilliant method in not only gaining feedback but also involving the consumer in their preferences. The article has also been able to offer solutions to incompetent markets ad those markets that are not totally free. This is the viewing of the same issue from the other side of the coin giving a proper view of the entire market.

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            The presentation also offered different methods and tools on measuring duality and productivity in a firm. It was delivered in an extensive means giving real life situations using the FedEx delivery system. The presentation also gave a broad description of the costs of performing improvements on quality and productivity and when to note restrains and drawbacks. It was a comprehensive discussion giving the reader a full view of the exact issues to be handled in a particular setup. However, more examples would have done immense impact in interpreting the theories into practical use in the real world.

            In conclusion, improving service quality and productivity presentation was a precise but to the point layout which provided wonderful means and ways of measuring, evaluating and implementing changes needed to be done in order to improve a firm’s quality and productivity to its customers. The only deficiency noted was the lack of adequate real life situations of the points presented. Aside from that, it was a useful and wonderful presentation in terms of knowledge.

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