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The next main time period in which the Eastern question arose was during the Crimean war which occurred during the 1850s. This conflict arose because of increasing demands from the Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christian territories in the Ottoman Empire. Because both these sides were making several demands it became extremely hard to satisfy both, and the Ottomans were swayed to fulfill the demands of the Roman Catholics over the Orthodox Christians. The sworn guardian of the Roman Catholics was France and the guardian of the Orthodox Christians was Russia. When either of the two guardians believed the rights of their subjects wasn’t being properly fulfilled by the Ottoman Empire they would come and try to protect their subjects rights. The Catholic and Orthodox Christians argued about the ownership of the Church of Holy Sepulchre and the Church of Nativity and both made demands regarding these churches to the Sultan. After the Sultan gave into the Catholic side of the argument and the Orthodox Christians were heavily dismayed. Russia came to aid the Orthodox Christians, and Prince Menshikov tried to come up with a treaty with the Sultan that would allow Russia to intervene whenever it believed the Sultan wasn’t adequately protecting the rights of Orthodox Christians. Stratford Canning, who was sent by the British government successfully convinced the Sultan to reject Menshikov proposal and this greatly affected the Ottoman independence. Emperor Nicholas of Russia quickly took the territories of Wallachia and Moldavia which were principalities which Russia guarded Orthodox Christians. The European powers tried to come up with a peaceful negotiation through a treaty however their attempts failed and this move ultimately led to the Crimean War. Ultimately after several battles between the Ottomans and Russians, Austria played a huge role in scaring the Russia’s stance in the war. They refused to explicitly say that they were neutral towards Russia and also stated that they felt threatened by their presence in the Danubian principalities. This caused Russian troops to retreat from these principalities; this was the reason for how the war started in the first place. Finally, the Treaty of Paris was agreed upon which allowed equal access by European powers to the Straits and the Black Sea (The Treaty also removed naval warships from the Black Sea as well). This helped to remove the the constant threat on the Ottoman Empire by Russian warships and all Great powers agreed to remain within their territories.

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