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There are many different types of pseudoscience.
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, pseudoscience is defined as, “a system
of theories, assumptions, and methods erroneously regarded as scientific” (Pseudoscience).  This basically means that different ideas,
treatments that are out in the world seem like they are scientific and work but
in reality, they are incorrect and don’t have scientific evidence to back them
up. In Robert MacDougall’s article, “Strange Enthusiasms: A Brief History of
American Pseudoscience” he talks about how pseudoscience picking up steam in the
nineteenth century. People are drawn to pseudoscience for many different
reasons, and the reasons why people end up using pseudoscience differ for each
of them because of the experiences that they are going through.

are several reasons why people are drawn to pseudoscience. According to Scott
O. Lilienfeld, Steven J. Lynn, and Laura L. Namy who wrote the textbook,
“Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding, 4e” one of the main reasons why
people end up using and believing pseudoscience is because of patternicity. In
the book patternicity is defined as, “the tendency to perceive meaningful
patterns in their absence” (Lilienfeld, Lynn & Namy, 2018). The reason that
people end up using patternicity according to the book is because, “our brains
like to make sense out of nonsense” (Lilienfeld et al., 2018). This means that
we don’t like it when we don’t understand what is going on with and around us
which makes us look for things to help explain them (Lilienfeld et al., 2018). This
helps explain why people end up using pseudoscience because if something is
going wrong in their life they want a way to help make what they are going
through seem easier and explainable when it might not be.

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example of pseudoscience is homeopathic medicine. According to the “National
Center for Complementary and Integrative Health” homeopathic medicine was created
in Germany and is defined as an alternate form of medicine (Homeopathy, 2017). The
“National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health” also says, “that the
homeopathic remedies come from natural sources including plants, minerals, or
animals. The remedies are diluted could have no molecule of the original
substance remaining while the patient uses the remedy” (Homeopathy, 2017). In
2011 there were around 6 million American men, women, and children using
homeopathic medicine. Although there isn’t much evidence that supports
homeopathic medicine it is FDA approved (Homeopathy, 2017). Even though
homeopathic medicine is FDA approved it is still considered a pseudoscience.

medicine is considered a pseudoscience for several reasons. One of the main
reasons homeopathic medicine is considered a pseudoscience is because even with
FDA approval it is not 100% reliable. The FDA does not look at the safety of the patients using the
homeopathic medicine, they also do look at whether the treatment successful (Homeopathy,
2017). This means that homeopathic medicine lacks evidence to back it up. This
is huge when it comes to proving that homeopathy is indeed a pseudoscience. In
order for this form of treatment to be considered a true science it needs to be
scientifically tested and those tests need to show that he treatment is
actually working. According to the article “Science vs Homeopathic
Pseudoscience” that Steven Novella wrote scientific concepts are, “careful,
precise, and consistent” (Novella, 2011). Homeopathic medicine lacks these
three things which is one reasons why it is considered a pseudoscience.

it comes to any pseudoscience there are some consequences or risks that occur.
Some harms that can occur with homeopathy is that people may not use vaccines
to treat illnesses which can lead to people becoming very sick or possibly
dying. Another way that pseudoscience can harm you is by the treatment itself
hurting you. In order to prevent these things from happening people could use
treatments such as vaccines and other medications that are scientifically
backed up to help treat their illnesses. 

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