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There has been multiple ocassions where black men and young boys has been brutially hurt or killed by white police officers. Ava DuVernay made a film called “13th” which opens the topic about our Criminal Justice System. Ava DuVernay used a historical lens to inform us about the ways the Criminal Justice System is used,One way Ave DuVernay used a historical lens was by stating the way we have been using the Criminal Justice System. “Your film makes an argument, which will be familiar to some people, but which will be quite provocative to others, that actually the way we use the criminal justice system in this country, particularly the way we use incarceration is really an extension of slavery that it’s a form of racialized control. (Interview,Michel Martin Pg.2)” This shows that the people who decides wether or not someone goes to jail and how long their sentence will be usually are more harder on people of color because they automaticly think the person is guilty because of their race.One way Ava DuVernay used a historical lens was by stating when a crime is commited a punishment should be inforced. ” You commit a crime, you go to prison, it doesn’t matter what color you are. (Interview,Michel Martin Pg.2)” This shows that she believe there should be a punishment for everyone no matter what. There had ben multiple occasions where people of color has comitted a crime and has gotten their lives taken away in prison while a white person commited the same crime and wasnt guilty because they used a law for their excuse.One way Ava DuVernay used a historical lens was by stating how the lawyers didn’t investigate the case enough and how crimes and sentences are not created equal.  “You can have a more deeply rooted and nuanced knowledge of the fact that, you know, every person who is in prison is not a criminal, that all crimes are not created equal, that all sentences are not equal. (Interview,Michael Martin Pg.2)” This shows that not every prison is guilty and not every person that is in the streets ae inecent. Lawyers don’t investigate black people cases enough so they sentence the guilty but white people on the other hand can use a law to get them out of comitting a crime.

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