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There is an extensive search for efficient miniaturized
devices that can harvest energy* from the environment and supply power. This
power is self-sufficient for operation of aircrafts. Harnessing wind energy is a crucial step towards
sustainable development thus benefiting our economy and environment both.
Windmills have been in the use for centuries. As the wind blows, the blades of
the windmill are turned, which spin a central shaft that extends from the top
to the bottom of the tower of the windmill**. The spinning shaft may be
attached to many different mechanisms at the base of the windmill, depending
upon the windmill’s use. Extending this concept to the aircrafts***, we present
an idea of making productive use of wind energy using turbines over aircrafts.
The idea provides is with the opportunity to capitalize the wind infusing in due
to the fast moving aircrafts on the runway to provide energy to airports while
the high speed winds may help in lighting the cabins of the plane during its
flight. In this paper, we discuss about the feasibility of harnessing the wind
energy gushed in by the fast moving aircrafts. Moreover, we calculate the
energy calculations and cost calculations that will help in reducing our fossil
fuel consumption and provide sustainable development.

To achieve these objectives, the place has
been identified where the turbines should be placed on the airplane. Also, the strategy
to effectively and efficiently harness energy has been devised. The evaluations
were done by making theoretical calculations based on the methods adopted by
other scientists whose research is reported in various journals.

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Suitable mathematical software, i.e.,
MATLAB has been used for simulation and estimating energy generations and perform
cost calculations. The future development of such devices is being laid more
emphasis on in contrast to conventional sources/devices.

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