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There are a lot of important gagets and inventions in agriculture. Some are more important
than others. I have a what I think are the top 3 most important in agriculture is mason jars,
Barbed wire, milkimg machine. They all have major parts of the agriculture. These are my exaples
The mason jar in my opinon is a very important part of agrcutre. It perserves your food for later
usagse. You also wont waste all your food after you harvest for the winter bacuse you cant
really grow anything in the winter. It can also be used as other storge for other things like nails
pins scwers and buttons. Thery are also desinged to beable for you to store easily amd they are
Barbed wire is really important becaus it helps keep in you animals on a small and large farm
area. Before they would try to just put of a sort of kind of fence but the anima,s would still get
out. When the animals try ro get out od the feild the little pointy things coming off the wire will
make them not want to cross it. Barbed wire is still used to this day. Long before razor wire was
invented they used barb wire to help keep prison peolpe inside.
Milk we used it almost everyday. We use js so much that they have had to invent soy and almond
milk because we love it and we use it in are cooking. They milking machine is also save so much
time than milking with your hands. As well as you get more milk out with the machine. They also
get more money because they can get more cows to milk.

In conclustion there are so many important agricutural inventions that we use everyday. It is
very hard to pick the top 3 becuse there are so many to puck from that we need. In the end they
are all used for the right way that way js for good because ots hard to go srong with agrculture.
Just imagine are would wouldn’t be here with out it. Even if you yake these 3 machines out it
would we ruff.  

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