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There is not a direct
definition for job satisfaction since it may varies from organization to
organization and person to person. But according to ADP Research Institute
(2012), HR professionals generally sate that satisfaction speaks of how
employees feel about their job and other factors such as payment, allowances
and benefits, work environment, and career development opportunities.

Dransfield (2000)
describes job attributes are the personal qualifications or characteristics
which an individual need to have to get a particular job done. Leadership
skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, being a team player and
ability to multitask are some of the essential job attributes a person should
have. Sengupta (2011) has found a significant relationship between job
satisfaction and the demographic attributes such as age, gender, marital
status, society, religion, education level, occupation and the
seniority/tenure. Moreover, Lawrence, (1997) has found a research gap where
demographic attributes are less considered in studies. Hence, this research has
chosen to study demographic attributes effecting job satisfaction.  

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Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO) is an industry developed for outsourcing services from a
third party organisation (Chakrabarty, 2007). This involves of contracting the
responsibilities and operations of a specific business process to a third party
organisation to avoid costs such as taxes and high salaries in developed
countries. BPO outsourcing is beyond buying a service from a vender and it
involves transfer of significant amount of management control, co-ordination,
trust and a significant amount of system combination (Naidoo & Neville,
2005). This was initiated in manufacturing companies to outsource segments of
their supply chain and has been expanded to financial and IT companies to
outsource several processors (Halvey & Melby, 2007).

Being one of the top
25 outsourcing destinations in the world by AT Kearney and one of the top 20
emerging cities in the world by the Global Service Magazine, Sri Lanka has made
a great environment for multinational companies to access the market to cater
talented and well trained employees in several sectors (Sri Lanka Export
Development Board, 2015). As per the report, Sri Lanka provides services as an
offshore development center and joint venture development center for around 500
international companies and several industry leaders from North American
continent, UK, Australia, Sweden, Norway and Japan. Moreover, over 60,000 are
employed in Sri Lankan BPO sector in around 300 companies and the workforce is
growing at over 20% year-on-year. Also in 2012, BPO industry was able to
contribute a larger proportion to the industry’s global revenue by generating
$36.5 billion respectively which was higher than IT outsourcing industry.  

XYZ Limited is a
multinational Business Process Outsourcing Company which provides services to
more than 200 clients in key industries including banking and finance, health
care, insurance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, consulting and
professional services, retail and customer packaged goods, telecom, shipping
and logistics, travel and leisure, and utilities. Close to 30,000 employees
serve these services in XYZ global Limited across more than 35 delivery centers
in China, India, Philippines, Poland, Sri Lanka, UK and US. XYZ Global Limited
has bought down a delivery center to Sri Lanka in 2004 to provide initial
services to one of the largest Insurance companies in US. Now XYZ Sri Lanka
provides services to more than 10 clients in accounts and finance, legal
services, contact centers, HR, and travel and leisure with around 2000
employees in two delivery centers. 

This study will
conduct a primary research to gather data by distributing questionnaires to a
selected number of employees in the XYZ Company to identify the effect of job
attributes and demographic attributes to job satisfaction. The report will
start by identifying the objectives and the academic aim of conducting this
research. Then the report will move to give a wide range of literature review
for the topic using multiple journal articles, books, online articles and

In the third section
of the report will discuss the methodology of conducting the research. Also the
effort taken to conduct the research ethically by the author. Next, the report
will move on to analyse the findings of the data gathered by using graphs and
charts which would be clear and ease the reader to understand. As the fifth
chapter of the report the author will give her recommendations to improve the
satisfaction level of employees work in the XYZ Company based on the finding of
the research. Finally the report will end by giving a brief conclusion to the
work has done throughout the research.


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