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There are many cultures and traditions that play a very important role in defining your identity, values, family and your home community. I have learned many things when I was back home. I am from India and it used to be my hometown. It is a beautiful city filled with rich culture and values. In India, I used to live in New Delhi. It is the capital of India and the third largest city in the world with the population of over 13 million people. Delhi is on the top of all the cities because it has many old monuments and majestic buildings and better transportation compare to other cities. It also has a large number of auto rickshaws. All the political decisions are held there since the Parliament House is located in Delhi which was built by the British Empire long time ago. Many festive occasions are held in Delhi like Republic Day or Independence Day. Delhi is very rich in culture and traditions because it is one of the very oldest cities with many ancient and historic stories. It is mixed with both modern and cultural traditions. You will find a lot of shopping spots in Delhi and good food as well. One thing I like the most about Delhi is that you get to eat yummy food. Delhi also draws many tourists. Many tourists are attracted by the buildings built by the British like the Parliament House, the historic places, and the religious places. You will find all kinds people with different religion. There are many Muslims, Hindus, Christians and many festivals are celebrated together. I believe that Delhi is a good place to raise a family or invest because it has better transportations compare to other cities. It is also very good for students because it has good schools, education institutes. It has very highly educated professors in universities and college. You will also see many religions and religious places. You will get to learn about different cultures and traditions because Delhi is painted with all of them together. Delhi is a mixture of both modern and cultural ideas. It is a little busy there but people are very nice and friendly. They are always ready to help. The only problem in Delhi is that there is so much pollution which could be a problem otherwise overall Delhi is a good place to raise a family. The roads are nicely built and very well connected. There are 3 airports, 3 railway stations, and bus terminals as well and they are really good. The thing I like the most about Delhi is the Metro because it connects important places within the city because it is a very big city and a long time ago it was very hard for people to travel within the city so the government decided to built Metro. It is also a good destination place. Many tourists are attracted to Delhi. There are many ancient and historic monuments which have many stories behind them and many religious places. There are many places to see like India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple, Rashtrapati Bhawan etc. I like Red Fort the most because it is very beautiful and I have been there so many times. I have heard a lot about Red Fort, a king name Akbar used to live there when he was ruling over Delhi. He was a great king and won many battles. The food is also very good. I like the street food the most because it is amazing. There are kebabs, paranthas everywhere. There is even a place in Delhi called parantha gali where you get all kinds of paranthas and it is worth going there and many big shopping centers. There are many religious places like temples, mosque, and church. They are all very beautiful. There are many ancient temples build like many years ago. In conclusion, There are many cultures and traditions that play a very important role in defining your identity, values, family and your home community. There are many other things that are there in Delhi that I might not be aware of. I might go back to visit Delhi some day to explore more things about it and learn many new things because I have not been there from last 8 years and so many things must have been changed by now. I will not only see new things there but I will get to see half of family and friends there. I like traveling a lot because I believe that it is very important that you try to travel more so you can learn more about other people and their culture and learn more

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