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They may face some initial costs such as; bring some machines that help them get work done faster and training the joiners adapt to the cell operational and ensure that they flexible use of tools and devices. This may cause a short period of slow performance and a lack of production, but in return for this benefit them as they seek to increase the speed of workers. The additional costs are the fact that separate cells require the same mechanism, which can lead to increased resources and thus the cost of inventory. Anon-financial benefit will improve the level of operations, increase the efficiency of employees when they serve as a cell and result in increased productivity and completion in the estimated time and less effort. In addition, the reduction in the number of supervisors of workers in several sections and thus reduce the cost of salaries.Dean must inform manager and the workers before the change process begins so they can engage internal stakeholders inresolution mode, generate ideas and discuss proposals. This will eventually contribute to clarity of goals for all parties and there will be no rejection by the workers, this will make the process more successful.The running of a cell is different from several facets the department would be divided into different cells each part will manufacturing a specific product, Here uses a smaller number of joiners because they share the main equipment, work space and they work as a team. Moreover, There will be a steady business sequence, high degree of responsibility, productivity and time control. Previously, it require separate joiners each of them manufactures several products individually. Also, the need to employ the largest number of joiners because of multiple tasks and some of them need extra hours to complete the work.I think that differentiate the working environment with new items like differentiate uniforms or wear special cards will enhance the confidence of joiners, makes them feel privileged and will contribute to the formation of the team’s identity. Taking into account the interest in extracellular work so as not to produce undesirable results. Potential risks are may include some additional expenses for creating a staircase cell and rehabilitation of workers. Other, some joiners could not accept this change and resign, this leads to loss for the company. It is possible that this idea may fail to achieve desired growth in manufacturing.

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