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They Said the war would get only harder… They were right, but i kept fighting. It is winter of 1777 and general Washington has chosen valley forge for our winter camp. Thousands of us just 19 miles from Philadelphia. But it wasn’t easy even at that distance. If I were asked to quit I would most definitely say no. For us to quit our military it would mean to not reenlist after our contract ran out. Many did quit but I will not and I will stand through thick and thin with General Washington. I’m staying for three reasons. One, there are many sicks and we need to fight for them and with them to protect our country! Two, Is that there is no food or clothes so they want and need the support of more farm and people. Three, Even though its cold at least there is a bed and a roof over our heads that is enough. The First reason i will reenlist is there is a massive amount of sick people suffering from the common cold to smallpox and since we are healthy we need to help heal of take their place. To show why document C says “The army which has been surprisingly healthy hitherto, now begins to grow sickly… this causes me to reenlist because it says that people are getting sick and they need help to defend the new found America. ” It also says it in document A that 50% of the valley forge camp was sick. This is causing me to reenlist because if 50% of all of the men at valley forge are incapacitated then they are susceptible to attack so we health people need to protect them. The Second reason I will reenlist is that they need support of our farms as our families run them as we help and train at valley forge. They need this because the food is low and they are always running out of meat. As it says in document C (again) “A general cry thro’ the camp this evening among the soldiers, No Meat! No Meat!” This causes me to reenlist because it tells me what a bad shape the army is in and they need all the help they can get. It also says in document B in the caption “The committee of five congressmen stayed several weeks and was helpful in getting more food and clothing to the soldiers.” This causes me to reenlist because it is telling me that we will get more food and it will get better, as they say it will always get worse before it gets better. The Third reason I will reenlist is because they at least took the time to build houses so we can stay warm. The houses are warm because of all the people in each house. For example it shows in document A a house in the background, it is a small cabin like structure. This causes me to reenlist because even though the houses are tiny because of all of the people the body heat builds up and that cabin becomes warm

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