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This study deals with finite element analysis and
design of flat slab systems for high rise buildings. Two types, such as, slabs
without drop panels and slabs with drop panels resting directly on columns are


Finite element analysis is performed by using
industry standard software ETABS for gravity and lateral loads. The results are
compared with the RC frame system. The study is pursued to assess the
differences in structural behavior of flat slab and frame systems and to
automate the design of flat slabs using semi automation tools available in

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The work is carried out, first, by designing the
flat slab by using direct design method. The example problem is solved by
performing hand calculations. This activity is pursued to understand the basic
concepts, code procedures for the design of flat slabs. The results obtained
from this method are used to validate the FE results obtained by using ETABS
and STAAD. This activity is envisaged to familiarize with ETABS before
embarking on the project problem.


The project problem consists of Cellar + G + 8
floors. Cellar and ground floor are used for vehicle parking. Rest of the
floors are used for residential purposes The FE analysis for flat slabs without
drop panel and with drop panels is performed by using ETABS. The results with
respect to parameters such as time period, storey shear, storey drift, storey
displacement, stress resultant of column, structure deformed shape are


Chapter 1 of this report deals with components and
types of Flat slab systems generally adopted in high rise buildings. A brief
review of literature is presented in the second chapter. Scope, objectives and
methodology are listed in chapter 3.


The structural behaviour and design procedures for
flat slabs as per codes of practice are traced in chapter 4. Hand calculations
pertaining to an example problem are also presented.


Chapter 5 deals with software familiarization
studies performed prior to solving the project problem.

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