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This age called as Victorian age because in this period the leader is Queen Victoria. This period is also they called as peace period and in this period the revolution of the industry happens. Before they called as peace period this period has a little bit problem, this is because of the Queen Victoria, the people called her Lady Melbourne because she always obeying the command from Lord Melbourne. Lord Melbourne is Queen Victoria’s best friend, because she over trust to him she forget about her duty as a leader, she forget about her people and she did not care them anymore. It was made the people hate to the Queen Victoria. The revolution of an industry is like radical change because of the invention of a new technology and transportation. The negative side of this revolution is including about the rich and the poor and the positive side of this revolution is the development of education and prosperity, for example, the benefit of electric power for people’s life. In this period there is a famous and known novelist, he is Charles Dickens. This essay will explain about Charles Dickens’s life and his works that related to the Historical background.The life of Charles Dickens was started on 7 February 1812, he was born in Landport, Portsmouth and his original name is Charles John Huffam Dickens. Charles was a second child from eight siblings. His father is John Dickens, He is scribe at the Navy’s Treasury Office and his wife name is Elizabeth Dickens. In 1814 Dickens family moved to London and two years later they moved to Chatham, Kent, Charles spent his childhood in that place. Because they have a problem with the money they back moved to the London, in London, they stayed in the settlement of the poor people. When he was 12 years old he had to resign himself from the school because his father had a problem with the money and his father had to live in jail. After he resigned from the school he worked in shoes shine factory, he did that to help his family. After his father was released from prison Charles went back to the school and he went back when he was 15 years old.

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