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This literature review will mainly
argue the positive and the negative effects that social media has had to the
people but mainly the youth. Facebook being the giant social media platform it
will be used mostly to cover the overall spectrum of all the social media

Kittinger Correia, & Irons, believes
he way individuals communicate has quickly changed throughout the most
recent decade because of online long range informal communication locales, for
example, Facebook. These Web-based frameworks enable individuals to interface
with different individuals electronically, while likewise enabling them to make
these associations and communications freely. The most prevalent person to
person communication site is Facebook. Propelled in 2004 at Harvard, Facebook
initially was intended for college understudies, however now is available to
anybody with an email address. In the vicinity of 2007 and 2008, time spent on
person to person communication destinations expanded eighteen percent, with
Facebook clients detailing a 566-percent expansion in time spent on the site.

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To extend further on this contemplates
show that individuals watch out for self-uncover substantially more on web
locales than in the genuine, physical world. Facebook inspires more noteworthy
levels of revelations of individual or touchy data. Revelation of such data is
by all accounts anticipated by one’s requirement for prominence and their
confidence level, either high or low. Individuals with low confidence utilize
revelation as an instrument to pick up acknowledgment, though those with high
confidence are just worried about their popularity among their chosen circle of
Facebook companions (Anderson, Fagan, Woodnutt and Chamorr-Premuzic, 2012).

Studies have discovered that people
with low confidence ten to compensate or reward themselves in some way by being
active in online activities they tend to put most of their energy in Facebook
expanding the recurrence of signing on to Facebook, in attempt to get more friends
on Facebook but then they will find it harder and harder to get friends in the
real world. They create their own worlds on the internet which then challenges
them when it come to the involvement in up close and personal connections (Amichai-Hamburger
& Vinitzky, 2010) the extroverts on the other will use the online platforms
to make friends and socialise but keeping in mind that the at the end they will
want to meet the friends they made online. They will also be able to actually
start a conversation with them and not be socially awkward. (Ellison, Steinfield, &
Lampe, 2007).

In contrast to that, people with high
confidence reportedly use Facebook to communicate with their friends and just
to pass time and tend not to dive into deep into the internet.

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