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This essay will highlight the three following topics: Management, Leadership and Teamwork. It will provide with the necessary knowledge in order to have a better understanding on how these concepts are affecting today’s workplace and helping on the improvement of the behaviour of people in organizations. It will go into more details by explaining theories for each of the topics ,, and also explain their functions and  occurrence in modern organizations


In order to be able to build a successful company or to even work on one , those 3 concepts are pretty much needed , only on rare occasions will someone be able to run a 1 person business and grow a lot of profit from it , even great organizations that we can see nowadays like Facebook , Google, Spacex, Microsoft, today only are what they are because their leaders had help from multiple people in order to achieve greatness and these components are needed in order to do so ,

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Starting with management, Organizations accomplish their objectives and goals through the co-appointment of exercises and the endeavours of their individuals.

Management  is very important  to the powerful operation of work

Organizations. It is by the procedure of management and execution of work that the exercises of the organizations are completed. Management  is a vital piece of the

people– organizations relationship. It is basically a coordinating action that saturates each aspect of the operations of an association.(Mullins,2010)

Management is a term that can be interpreted in many different ways , just for example according to the following authors Knights and Willmott management for the can be considered as an everyday activity that involves interactions between people that ‘are not unrelated or entirely dissimilar to other spheres of life, except perhaps in the rhetoric and hype that surround management.

In certain aspects everyone has the power to become a manager to some extent , everyone is capable of managing their own time, capable of deciding what’s best to them and what’s not , and some control, however slight, over the planning and organization of their work. However when it comes to company or organizations ,  management is used  as a way of  involving people and make use of people who have the ability of  looking beyond themselves and exercising formal authority over the activities and performance of other people.(Mullins,2010).

In order to have a better understanding on how management is affecting today’s workplace many theories were developed by authors, important figures , throughout the years ,that explain all the different approaches someone can have when It comes to management.

Starting with Theory x and y of management, this theory was developed by the famous Management professor Douglas McGregor, this theory was first revealed on Mr Douglas book ” The human side of enterprise”, the theory provided a fair distinction on management styles and has framed the reason for much consequent written work regarding the matter,(Hindle,2008)

For McGregor there are two types of managers, ones who tend to have a more negative view  of their workers, this is also known as Theory x managers, and other managers that have a more positive view of workers also known as theory y managers,

For theory x managers tend to believe that their workers dislike working and only do so because of the salary , are very lazy and have no ambition , they believe that workers need to be pushed in order to complete their tasks or else it work wont be done, so for theory x,  the manager’s job is to  is to force and control his workers  to work towards hierarchical objectives, nowadays the use of theory x as fallen , but it is still being used by certain companies, a brief example of theory x from personal experience is the following , used to work on a Toys company , and the manager named Lucas believe that none of the company workers wanted to see the company grow , instead they were just working there because  of the salary that they were being paid even though that wasn’t the truth, and because of that lack of trust and faith it became very hard to keep working with Lucas , as many of the workers were considering him unfit for the job and many decided to quit  as a consequence of this .

For theory y , the manager’s are more positive in relation to theory x managers, theory y believes on making the workers comfortable while performing their jobs, for them the will to work in born with us just like the will to sleep , to play, etc. just by providing the workers with good working conditions , they will be able to commit to their jobs without causing any problems or discomforts to the manager, for McGregor Theory x is the best theory to use when it comes to promoting cooperation between members of a company (Mullins,2010), as an example, Isabel work as manager for the Angolan National oil company called ”Sonangol”, she indicates a certain number of colleagues for the board of administration of the company , because of the fact that she believes on their potential to drive the company towards success , she feels confident enough to travel and leave the company on their hands while she goes to Brasil looking for investors that’ll be able to partner with the company .


Leadership is an important feature when it comes to building and growing a successful company, There are numerous methods for taking a gander at authority and numerous understandings of its significance.

Leadership may be translated in basic terms, for example, ‘inspiring others to take after’ or ‘getting individuals to do things energetically’, or translated all the more particularly, for instance as ‘the utilization of expert in basic leadership’. It might be practised as a property of position or in light of individual learning or intelligence. Leadership may be founded on a component of identity or then again it can be viewed as a behavioral classification. It might likewise be seen regarding the part of the pioneers and their capacity to accomplish viable execution from others. Leadership can likewise be talked about as far as a type of influence or power relationship.

Theories were created by different scientists about all the different approaches that can be taken when it comes to leadership , starting with the path goal theory, founded by Robert J. House, this theory basically says that for a person to be considered a ”good leader” he or she needs to present certain types of goals, like for example , gives clear course, sets high objectives, gets associated with objective accomplishment and backings his employees, this theory believes that , a leader that demonstrates these traits is more likely to make the workers feel more comfortable and  satisfied leading to a more productive team . as an example of the path goal theory, a football team can be used , on a team every member has a different task to accomplish (defender , attacker , etc ) there is a coach that practically plays the role of the leader, he in charge of encouraging the team members but also every team member needs to know what they are doing in order to be able to win a game, they need to have and feel the support of their coach and have the support of each other.(Baumeyer)

Within the path goal theory there are also different leadership styles: Directive, Supportive , Participative and achievement-oriented, overall they are the different types of styles a leader can adopt when it comes to the management of a team ,

Another theory with a different approach on the leadership study is the Adair’s Action Centred Leadership, contrary to the other theories, this one actually focus on what the person in charge  also known as the leader does, for John Adair in order for a leader to perform well  on his tasks he has to meet 3 areas within the work group

the common the need to achieve task, the need for team maintenance, and the individual needs of group members. For a better understanding Adair felt the need to form a overlapping circle between them. The task needs involves things like  accomplishing the goals of the work gathering;  Letting everyone within the group know what they are doing ; arranging the work;  portion of assets;  association of obligations and duties;  controlling quality and checking execution; looking into advance. Etc.  The maintenance need involves things like: keeping up confidence and building group spirit; the cohesiveness of the group as a working unit; setting principles and making sure everyone follows them; frameworks of correspondence inside the group ; preparing the group arrangement of sub-pioneers, etc, the last need called individual need involves thing like  addressing the requirements of the individual individuals from the group, taking care of individual issues; giving applause and status;  accommodating clashes between group needs and needs of the person;  preparing the person for his task, etc. These are all tactics that can be used by leaders on their tasks. The activity made by the leader in any particular area will affect the functioning of the other remaining areas. For Adair there has to be a perfect mix where the leader is able to put all the three needs in work successfully to avoid failure. As an example , Lucas runs  a Tuna company , he’s in charge of distributing tuna to numerous stores like Tesco , Asda, Sainsbury, etc, he has to able to to get the tuna , the  delivery trucks , etc ready in time for the stores to receive them, by doing that Lucas is fulfilling Adair task need, Lucas runs a small group of 10 workers , he knows that teamwork is essential in order for the business to succeed so he incites cooperation between the workers, fulfilling the team maintenance need , Lucas also knows that he needs to keep his workers motivated , so he praises them when they get the job done , promotes them , etc, doing that he’s boosting their confidence and motivation on the job, and fulfilling Adair individual need .

Now changing the subject to something that also affects today’s workplace , Teamwork , Teams  happen when various individuals have a shared objective and believe in collective sucess  They are for the most part related. Practically speaking, this implies in most teams actually,   individuals will contribute with their  singular abilities which will differ from each other . It also means that the full

strains and balance of human conduct should be exhibited in the group.(Mullins,2010).

Different approaches in teamwork were created, Belbin’s Team roles is a theory created by Dr Meredith Belbin , Dr Belbin began the study of teams many years prior to the creation of the theory , he noticed that within teams each member always had a different task. He characterized a Team Role as “an inclination to act, contribute and interrelate with others especially” and named nine team roles that contribute to a group success. For him if every member in a team has the same task  , there is a huge chance that the team will eventually become unstable(Mintools 2016), as a team member you have to know perfectly what your task is  , by doing that according to Belbin you might overcome your weakness when it comes to teamwork.

As mentioned before Belbin named nine team roles that contribute to a team’s success, these are the following: Shaper, completer, Resource investigator, Plant , monitor-evaluator, co-ordinator  specialist Team-worker , Implementer. (Belbin, 1993, quoted in Mullins, 2010, p.343) Each of these nine team roles is related to different ways a person may behave when it comes to the task and this person personal skill, each of the 9 needs also as a weakness that can eventually affect the teamwork, as an example  about Belbin’s team role, a test was created , and on this test,  students were ordered to distribute points between the actions that they were most likely to take when involved in projects with other people , and once completed, they would sum all the points and the end result would determine the students preferred team roles when it came to team-work, with that it would become easier to form teams were there would not be some sort of personality clash in-between the members.


The level of collaboration among individuals from a team or group is impacted by the formation of channels of communication, for a better understanding a research was made, and this research concluded there are there are 5 different communication patterns: the wheel , circle, y , all channel or comcon, Chains.(Mullins,2011.P345)

The wheel, likewise at times known as the star, is the most unified system. This

arrange is most proficient for basic jobs. Work is all done more rapidly and with less errors and with fewer data streams. nonetheless, as the issues turn out to be more

complex and requests on the central person increases, effectiveness aches.(Mullins,2010.P379)

The circle is a more decentralized system. Its less productive than the wheel. The teams tend to be more chaotic and there is  lo1w coordination between the members. Also with low consistency. Work Execution has a tendency to be moderate and inconsistent. But there are some positive aspects like for example:  the circle is faster than the wheel in taking care of complex issues and adapts more rapidly to new assignments . workers tend to be more satisfied to the way circle is adjusted . (Mullins,2010)

The all-channel (or comcon) similar to the  circle pattern of communication,  is  a decentralized system that includes full dialogue and interest among the members. This system seems to work best where communication is pretty much expected among every one of the individuals with a specific end goal that is to take care of complex issues. Administration consistency is low. There is a genuinely abnormal state of fulfillment for individuals. The all-channel system may not stand up well under stress, in which case it will either break down or re-frame into a wheel system.

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