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This essay is a report on documentary (An
Inconvenient Truth). An Inconvenient Truth is an American film and was directed
by Davis Guggenheim. The documentary was about former United States Vice
President Al Gore’s campaign to instruct citizens about global warming. The aim
to document this film is to create alertness among worldwide public towards
global warming. In this movie, Al Gore greet the audience and discuss the facts
and issues about global warming. Moreover, this film also won two Academy awards
for Best Documentary Feature.  

To begin with, after watching this documentary
we come to know about many facts that we do not know before watching “An
Inconvenient Truth”. Al Gore talks about how industrial revolution affect our
environment. The industrial revolution is one of the biggest factor for global
warming. The development of humankind is also contributed to this threat. Furthermore,
Al Gore tells the audience that emission of carbon dioxide is the major cause of
global warming. In the film, Al Gore displays a graph that determines a relation
between CO2 levels and temperature over the last 600,000 years as revealed by
samples from polar ice cores.1 During this whole period CO2 levels have varied among
180 and 280 parts per million (ppm). The level today is nearly 400 ppm, well
above anything that has been seen in over half million years. And he points out
that the CO2 levels will rise to 600 ppm if something isn’t done quickly.

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To start with, in this film there are lots of
facts discuss about climate change. In the name of development, we are
destroying our planet. People are not aware about global warming and its
consequences. If we do not make any effort to solve this disaster, this will
grow more in future. This will result in change in our environmental conditions
and these conditions are not favourable for humans for living. Furthermore,
individuals are not ready for this transformation in our atmosphere.

In addition to these points, there are many
things people can change in their lives to overcome this situation. Firstly, public
must use energy efficiently. For example, switch the lights, television and
other electronic devices when not in use. Secondly, individual must manage
their waste and try to recycle and reuse it. It will result in less pollution
and less emission of methane gas. Person should plant more trees and shrubs.
Thirdly, citizen use more renewable sources like solar energy, wind energy.

In my point of view, Small changes can lead to
big result. The things I can change in my life to slow this situation, I can
plant more trees. switch off the lights and television before living the room.
I can stop the car engine on when traffic light is red. People can use internet
and social networking sites to aware the public about global warming and
suggest its solutions.

Weighing up all the considerations, it is an
alarming situation for all of us. As we are inhabitant of this planet. So, it
our duty to protect our earth from such disaster. “An Inconvenient Truth” like documentary
film are always helpful to draw the attention people on global level on global
warming. Individuals should make efforts in this direction, not only for us but
also our future generations too. 

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