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As we know, Viet Nam economy is now developing more and more strongly. Besides, there are still a lot of business problems that we haven’t solved for many years such as unsafe food, corruption, air pollution from industrial waste… About unsafe food, in Viet Nam, so many food companies have not been certificated for having enough conditions about food safety. People are using unsafe and poisoning food. In my opinion, Government should introduce stronger administrative sanctions. Because, the fine now is much lower than their profit from unsafe food resources.

Therefore, a lot of people accept to be punished. Besides, the rights of consumer are composed clearly in Viet Nam law but when people have problems with unsafe food, they don’t know how to do. Due to the law, they should call Protecting Consumer Assemble but it takes a lot of time and fee because the procedure is too difficult and complicated. So Protecting Consumer Assemble shouldn’t wait for consumer’s complaints, they must be clear-headed with the market information, checking and preventing problems before they happen with consumers.

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The second issue is corruption which is a serious problem in Vietnam. Most of offenders involved in corruption are working in governmental companies/organizations. Offenders lost themselves because of material temptation and couldn’t control themselves to stay away from corruption. The main factor caused corruption in Vietnam is low-salary policy, especially in governmental fields. The lack of materials led them to corrupt. To resolve this inherent disease, government should increase salary policy for cadres working in governmental companies/organizations.

Then we concentrate on improving and implementing the Law of prohibiting corruption. Besides, settle and propagandize awareness of opposing corruption in companies is also a priority solution. The third issue is environmental pollution, mainly caused by people and companies/organizations. Because of bigger profit or cost reduction, some companies emitted tons of wastes and sewage to environment such as rivers, channels…. Vedan Vietnam is a clear example about this.

It built a very complicated system of drain-pipes underground of Thi Vai River and directly let out all of untreated sewage to this river. This caused many serious problems to society: poisoned people surrounding, killed the river, violated VN law of environment protection…. Government should have strict punishments to these companies like Vedan. Every company should have a part in their Code of Ethics mention about environment protection and improve staffs to follow it.

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