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Throughout history there has been one thing that has been for certain, crime. Whether it is an individual committing an egregious act for personal gain, or a group with a sinister plan that involves wrongdoing, crime has been around for as long as humans have walked the earth. Every criminal, or person who is considering committing an act that is in violation of the law, may not be of the same background, race, or ethnicity, however they all might contain something in common as to why they are committing the acts in which they are committing. Crime, when carried out in a professional, or premeditated state can be extremely difficult for police and other officials to try and combat due to the degree of elusiveness that the criminal, or criminals use to evade detection. Organized crime along with terrorism both embody similarities in their body of work, however their M.O. might not always align each of their core beliefs. By comparing and contrasting the differences and similarities of both organized crime, and the rapid growing threat of terrorism, we can successfully classify and identify the appropriate punishment justified for each of the two groups. With that being said, the historical background of both organized crime and the evolution of terrorism, will bring to light why both of these groups are making such a prominent comeback in modern day America.

History of Organized Crime

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            Organized crime has been around for centuries, however it is not always easily noticed because of the secrecy and deceptiveness the criminals take to ensure not only their safety, but their organizations safety. Throughout American history there has always been crime, but criminals have had to evolve their practices in order to make the most of their endeavors. Even though that organized crime has been around since the 1880’s, it wasn’t developed into a big problem until the 1920’s. The organized crime development started due to waves of immigrants from Europe during World War I, and some of these immigrants became the leaders of crime 

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