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to go against cancer cells. An interferon named interferon alpha is the most commonly used in immunotherapy. Interleukins are supposed to help the immune system make antibodies that fight against cancer. It is used for kidney cancer as well as skin cancer.Oncolytic therapy makes modified viruses to kill cancer cells. Yet like everything they have side effects that include fatigue, chills, fever, flu-like symptoms, and nausea. We did not pick any of these three because chemotherapy is a lot more used and has more history and a future. As well as the fact that chemotherapy has more problems with it allowing the writer to talk a lot about the problems and how to fix them. Leading to a better and more interesting paper. Since scientists are researching chemotherapy improvements it is more improvised and focused on.         Chemotherapy has many positive and negative consequences. It’s positive consequences include treating cancer and it eases the symptoms of cancer. The negative consequences of chemotherapy are its multitude of side effects that negatively affect the human body. These side effects include anemia, appetite loss, bleeding and bruising, constipation, delirium, diarrhea, edema, fatigue, hair loss, infection, and lymphedema. Anemia results because of a lack of red blood cells in the body and it reduces the amount of oxygen flow to organs in the body. Iron medication is used to treat this. Delirium is a severe disturbance in the brain which causes confusion and reduced awareness. It starts within a short time period ranging from a few days to a few hours. It causes people to be unable to focus on what they are doing and they start to be easily distracted by unimportant things. Another side effect this has is poor memory. Edema is when a certain part of the body suddenly starts to accumulate random liquids in the body. Lymphedema occurs when there is any type of blockage in the Lymphatic system. This happens as a result of cancer treatment (chemotherapy) and when a lymph node is removed from the system. The most common result of lymphedema is severe swelling in the arms or legs along with a general discomfort in the swollen limb or limbs. As shown, chemotherapy has a massive number of side effects and many of them are not stated here. Even though there is  such an abundance of side effects it still treats cancer and reduces the amount of symptoms from cancer. In conclusion chemotherapy is a positive and efficient way of treating cancer but like anything that has positives it also needs to have negatives. Chemotherapy has a lot of side effects which affect the human’s body negatively. It affects systems such as the reproductive, lymphatic, nervous, and immune systems. It affects multiple systems in the human body in a negative or bad way. This is the reason why scientists lately have been trying to find multiple ways to cure cancer better by either finding a better method of treating it or improving from the already made chemotherapy drugs.

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