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 Today we live in the world of scientific and technical progress which developing very quickly. Before each of us is a question of the expediency of choosing a profession , how is this relevant and how we can actualize yourself in it.  It can be argued that more often this question arises because of the fact that the work of men replaces by modern technology. But to my mind even modern technical devices sometimes fail. While a man with the help of logic or extraordinary thinking can resolve this problems in a seconds. Regardless of  gender each of us can be successful in its own profession, choosing which we must be sure that it will brings us a lot of pleasure. Because only when person combine nice with helpful he or she can be productive and successful in that sphere which they choose.   Today exist great variety of different courses, educational programs and informational funds in order to improve yourself. They help us to reach our goals and further growth in our career. Of course one can not compare physical strength of men with physical strength of women , but it is not the reason for excluding from certain profession because of the gender. Today as man so the woman have particular knowledge and skills in technical , humanitarian and others areas of activity. There are lots of examples when woman are successful from the first sight in the masculine professions. One of them is Freeda George Foreman is a former American competitor in the sport of women’s boxing, and the daughter of former two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Also , Jacqueline Cochran earned her pilot license in 1932. A natural pilot, she first used her love of flying to promote “Wings,” her own line of cosmetics. In 1934, she began racing and was the first woman to fly in the Bendix Race, which she won in 1937. The first woman to walk in space, Svetlana Savitskaya . She joined the Soviet space program, becoming a cosmonaut in 1980. She became the second women in space, aboard Soyuz T-7, and then was twice stationed on the Salyut 7 space station. On the Salyut 7, she participated in the first spacewalk by a woman, lasting just over 3 and a half hours. This is only few examples.  To sum up in 21 century in our country almost in every family is its own superwoman which does lots of men`s work and it`s became normal so that men does some women`s duties and it`s also normal. To my mind in today`s world in most civilized countries the question of choosing a profession by gender is practically non-existent.

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