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Today, you are going to learn about scribes, and their tools they used to write down records and other items for Ancient Egypt!Who Are Scribes?Scribes are known to be very important in Ancient Egypt. They were wealthy and had a good social standing. They wrote down records for many items and events, like records for food supply. They also either worked for priests and people from other higher social classes, or they worked for the government. They also wrote and calculated taxes, recorded laws and cases, or wrote records on the military soldiers and their food supplies, it all depended on the types of scribes, which there were many types. Scribes went to school from a very young age, and went to school for a very long time. Their years in school, though, were definitely not known as “simple and joyful.” Their teachers were mean, and they had to learn A LOT, especially hieroglyphics. But in the end, they got a lot of respect and wealth.                               Scribe Tools!Scribes are writers, so what exactly did they use to write and carry their supplies? Well, all scribes were known to have and use the same tools. Here are some of the tools they used: Pens: Pens were used to write hieroglyphics. They were made of reeds, that were often sharpened. These pens were needed to be dipped multiple times in ink, to write something that was visible.Paper: Paper was used to be written on, for documents, books, etc. Paper was, back then, made of a papyrus stem that was narrowly cut, forming long rectangle strips. These strips are then soaked in water, put under heavy weights, and left to dry. These dried strips are then polished, and the paper is finally created.Rolls of Paper: Rolls Of paper were created when several sheets of paper were glued together. These rolls of paper are varied from about 30-110 ft long.Writing Tablets:Writing tablets were used when people placed paper on them to write. They dipped pens into the wells that the tablet had built-in, for red and black inks. There was also a tiny containers for water, so it can moisten the ink. These tablets were made of either stone, or wood.Cord Slung/Leather Cases/Leather Bags:A cord slung is attached to a writing tablet, so a scribe can carry his tablet wherever he goes. The leather bags and cases were so scribes can also carry his or her other tools.Now, you know a little bit about scribes, and their tools!Sources: – TCI Online Textbook LinkAncient Communication, By: Michael Woods, and Mary B. Woods. Britannica 

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