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Today, millions of people suffer from deprivation, indignity and wastage because of endemic poverty. The causes of this are manifold, domestic and international. The quality of governance in many instances is a root cause. The performance of the international economic system is another root cause. However, the most affected region of these problems is the developing world.



Poverty arise due to economic instability and it dependent on other factor which are also interdependent, such as the population growth, disease and geography. For example, a growing population with low income affect the development of a country. This is because the greater the population, the higher the demand for food, house, health care, and employment. A a third world, such demand can be challenging. These challenging elements are interdependent. If a low-income country cannot provide sufficient food for it population, then the need for the other elements will increase too.  Without food, there is no energy, and without energy, other health problems can develop, and a sick person can’t work. Therefore, these will hinder the economic growth as well since there will be a wastage of time and labor.

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Another contributing factor that slow down development is the spread of disease. These increases the demand for health care facilities as the population is continuously growing especially the developing world. The is a challenging issue for the low income or even medium high countries because diseases can disable a person ability to work and therefore really affect the economics of the country. Again, lacking important infrastructure necessary to prevent or care such diseases worsen the problem.



Geography of these countries also plays a vital role. Several environmental factors affect the spread of disease. Some of these deathly diseases can only survive on the womb due to temperate factors. They can destroy human immune system which can lead to susceptibility to other health problems. If proper care is not provided, the speed at which these diseases will spread will be significantly high.



These are all connected in sense that the effect of one can affect the other. This is important to consider when it comes to economic stability, which all the other element relied on. This is both national and international concern since it vulnerabilities can spread across the border. Emmanuel Khan proposition advocates that spread of democracy, economic interdependence and institutional of laws will construct a peaceful world.  Therefore, economic interactions can be productive and positively manage mutual benefit. Economic independence will also depend on the power distribution of organization among its members. It expands internal industrialization and therefore allow foreign exchange and financial market.



From the two documentaries, “A Kind of Childhood” and “Prostitution of God”, Children are faced by the responsibility to provide for the family instead of been just a normal child and being provided for, such as food to eat, a shelter to live and education. They start hustling at a very you age and face with harassment, prostitution and pollution. For example, children in Bangladesh working at a very young age to support their family and themselves with the necessity such as food and shelter.   Education is a choice for them but not a necessity. The survival is much more important. They spend all their life working hard in the street. A child like Edris start working as a tempo help because he has no support since his disabled father can’t work anymore. There is no form of help to disable and their family like here in U.S. So many kids like Edris facing the same daily frustration of hardship in Bangladesh; the singing children who have been singing in street when they were very little to support themselves, and the young girls who sell flower in the street. The similar situations are experience by other children in different parts of the world but in different way. For example, in some part of India, women and girls sold their body to provide for their family and put food on the table. For most of them, it wasn’t their choice, instead they were force in to it. In both documentary, Family needs such as food and money for other need play a key role and is the factor that is influencing the type of life these kids live in. Differences in ethnicity, beliefs and values system might be a contributory factor in some situations like the case of the girls in India. Those families believe that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing they are serving their God and making a living for their family. They believe that Being a prostitute of god or the goddess is what will bring fortune into their homes. However, for most of those young girls, they were force into such practice. They wish a better life as a kid such as having an education. But since girls are consider as liability in such society, they the most vulnerable to such implication. They become the means of incomes to their family.



The biggest challenge here is poverty and therefore drag along other problems, which are routed from it. Such problem are promotion and protection of children. A young boy like Edris shouldn’t have to worry about working to take care of his family at that age, instead he should be provided for his need by his family or the government. He has dreams such as education, but he must abandon such dream because of that big responsibility over his shoulders. One of the main routes out of poverty is education. I know. I am from a developing country. If you are born poor in a developing country, whether you are from the urban areas or the rural areas, education is often your only chance out of the lot that fate has assigned you at birth.



Against this backdrop, a stable government might not be a panacea to our economic woes. But it will certainly correct the many factors that have been hitherto causing the economy to lose steam. Once the authority at the Centre is ascertained, this ‘wait and watch’ phase will end, leading to higher investment flows, a stronger rupee, greater economic activity and in turn better job creation. Second, a stable government will provide a more conducive environment for a relatively smoother rollout of reforms. A stable government would get more room for addressing serious and fundamental economic challenges on the power crisis, infrastructure deficit and need for skill formation.




The human rights approach to poverty reduction is based on a simple belief that if a society pursues democratic governance under the rule of law, and if the society strives to live by the precepts of the Universal Declaration, people will have better life-chances and would be able to come out of the spiral of poverty. With the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the development of the movement for protection of the rights of the child, we all had great hopes that we could help the lot of today’s children. 

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